Shotyme Sets a Wildfire With, "Pull Up"

From Landover, Maryland, the skilled hip-hop artist, producer, rapper, and songwriter Shotyme releases his honest and hard-hitting single, "Pull Up."

Rapping and producing since his teens, Shotyme later went on to produce several albums for various artists while also recently dropping his debut solo album, 'Butterflies and Airplanes,' said to be the culmination of experiences with different people and life in general. Some acts that Shotyme has produced include Karl.witaK, Tazzhithit, and K. BUTTONS.

Sending us back into the scorching jam-packed venues with his latest single, "Pull Up," listeners can thoroughly get to know Shotyme's dominant approach to modern-day hip-hop. While dousing us in fiery bars from beginning to end, Shotyme also delivers a powerhouse sonic atmosphere that drenches us in heat and power.

Hitting play on "Pull Up," the track opens with an eerie piano melody alongside ghostly vocal samples that set the song's primal and ferocious tone. As soon as Shotyme makes his powerful vocal appearance, he captures the attention of any listener with his innate confidence that radiates like the blazing sun above. Not to mention the heated sonic atmosphere, the track douses us in intricate drum arrangements and an ongoing haunting piano melody.

As Shotyme continues his heated venture, he expands on various descriptive yet highly intriguing scenes that leave us in need of those picturesque hip-hop concerts we miss dearly. As the song comes to an end, Shotyme carries the same poise and confidence from top to bottom while closing the track on a fiercely dominant note.

Get your head bopping with Shotyme's latest hard-hitting single, "Pull Up," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Shotyme, we truly admire the poise and dominance you've delivered within your latest single, "Pull Up." Did any moment or experience inspire you to create this powerhouse track?

When I did "Pull Up," it was at a moment of transition. I didn't feel like based on previous projects I was able to give my all. I felt like I was being held back. Pull Up is a warning shot to anybody that ever questioned my ability. Also, it's a shout-out to a childhood friend who couldn't be here with us due to circumstances. I hope he gets to hear that we still love him and wish he was with us.

When writing your bars for "Pull Up," what theme or concept did you want to get across to your audience?

Writing "Pull Up," I wanted to basically get across that I'm done asking for permission or wondering if I truly had what it takes. Your own friends are the main ones that question your ability. Your friends begin competing with you even when your not competing. Situationally, it's me being done with the past and letting people know it's been me this whole time.

Did you produce the heavy sonics for "Pull Up?" Could you expand on your creative process when formulating a sonically dense track like "Pull Up?"

I did do all the production for "Pull Up. As far" as a creative process, I really just wanted to make a song that had the same attitude that I have. We're no longer asking for permission. In general, the tone and attitude of the song reflect who I am and always have been. Slightly cocky with alot of attitude. I'm rebellious and don't generally tend to follow the things people consider norms.

How can your audience get to know you better through your debut solo album, 'Butterflies and Airplanes?' What lyrical themes do you present within this project?

Basically, I just want the audience to truly get a feel for who I am. Songs like 9 to 5 represent my work ethic. No matter what I'm doing I try and be the best. I can't settle for just being there I like to be involved. Songs, like Drive through tears and selling just, shows that I'm versatile and not in the box. Overall the album is a mix of different feelings and emotions, different experiences that led to what you hear today.

What's next for you?

Next is Fresh Off The Pound, which is a compilation album. It's actually out now. I produced the album and it features some very talented artists. Also produced Re-Up on Guap which hasn't dropped yet but will in the near future. So I've mainly been heavy into production. I still have alot in the vault so I'll be releasing alot in the near future.