Shout-Along With Back 2 Zero’s Brand New Rock Anthem “People Like Us”

Alternative rock collective Back 2 Zero is spreading its heavy rock anthems throughout New York City. Hailing from Westchester, NY, the four-piece band is comprised of high school and college friends. Back 2 Zero aims to make music that is both authentic and relatable for people from all walks of life. Their debut EP “Here, Alone” dropped in June 2017 and the band has seen nothing but success since then.

Back 2 Zero’s latest song “People Like Us” is an absolute rock-anthem and smash hit. It’s about cutting toxic people out of your life and solidifying the split with a few F-bombs along the way. “People Like Us” is a statement and shout-along single made for the masses of people who are unapologetically sick and tired of being taken advantage of. With a chorus that exclaims “People like us, should never f%@$ around with people like you,” it’s a bold song when directed at the right person. The brand new music video shows various regular people around the city, exclaiming their need to sing-along to every work that Back 2 Zero delivers. Not only do we see a community coming together and joining forces, but we get to experience a taste of a live performance from “Back 2 Zero”. The new visuals also include a background of lyrics during the chorus so we can all join in and scream our hearts out. A truly enjoyable rock anthem, we look forward to hearing more from Back 2 Zero.

Check out “People Like Us” here and read more with Back 2 Zero below!

Hey Back 2 Zero! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re really happy to be featuring your song “People Like Us”. It’s very catchy, but also incorporates an integral message within. Can you explain to our readers the truth that is embedded within the track?

There are always warning signs when someone is lying to you, or trying to deceive you.. People Like Us is about that day when you stop being so naive and finally say to yourself, “You know what, I shouldn’t be treated like this.” And you stand up for what you know you deserve. 

The music video is also extremely powerful and matches the sentiment behind the song perfectly. What was the filming process like? 

Thank you! We’re glad you like it, that idea came to us right away and just seemed to fit.. The filming process was great, our director Lucas Ruderman really went above and beyond on this one. Basically it was two full days of filming. One day we did all the band scenes, and the other Lucas and I (Niko) went to the city and got all the shots of the “people.” That was the real fun part. All the actors were amazing to work with. 

What are some of your ultimate goals as a group? Are any of these goals currently being put into place/being worked on?

Our goal is to be able to show this song to the haters and say, "This one's for you a@3$%#$." Haha no but seriously, the plan is to get into some bigger festival lineups this summer and tour the upcoming album. Just continue to spread our music and show the world who we are.

What can you tell us about your upcoming album in 2020!? Can your fans expect a similar anthematic quality to your sound?

Absolutely. This album is a culmination of really, everything since the day we fell in love with music. So it's going to have a range of styles from funky AltRock to Pop-Punk, and everything in-between.. It's going to be a true reflection of all the music we grew up on. So imagine if Third Eye Blind and The Red Hot Chili Peppers had a baby... That'll be this Back 2 Zero album.  

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! What else is going on for you guys artistically? Do you have any shows you’d like to mention?

So we'll be playing a single release show on October 4th at Pianos in NYC, after that you can catch us again on October 26th at Arlene's Grocery as well as November 16th at Rockwood Music hall. Hope to see you there!