Showcasing Both Skill And Versatility, O’Deriic Goes Off In “Right Now”

With roots in St Vincent and New York, the now Toronto-based hip-hop/R&B artist O’Deriic has known that music was his passion since he was three years old. Since then he has been honing his vocal craft to perfection. Equipped with melodious verses and catchy hooks, O’Deriic has an incredibly unique sound and is ready to galvanize the current state of R&B. Aiming to spread his sound throughout the GTA and internationally, O’Deriic writes, records and takes an active role in the production of his music. Currently, O’Deriic is working towards releasing his next EP “Worth The Wait”. 

“Right Now” is O’Deriic’s latest single to build up the anticipation for his upcoming EP. While there’s a definite edge of contemporary R&B styles and sounds in “Right Now”, O’Deriic utilizes this to gain an audience’s interest. The music helps create a level of individuality that you start to recognize as being the calling card of this artist.

“Right Now” has a smooth, subtle manner in which the whole thing pours through. Nothing flashy or overpowering is needed, the single works on the strength of its own rhythm and intention, and that seems to be the key for O’Deriic. The verses throughout “Right Now” feel familiar and accessible, O’Deriic makes sure to spit rhymes and ideas precisely and naturally. His flow varies just enough so throughout the performance to let you know there’s skill and purpose behind it all, and that works well as he furthers the familiarity of his sound and his name. Stay tuned for more from O’Deriic.

Check out O’Deriic’s brand new song “Right Now” here

Welcome to BuzzMusic O’Deriic! We're incredibly excited to feature "Right Now"! It's a genuine and honest track that we feel the utmost love for. Where did you draw the inspiration from to curate such a song?

Thank you for having me if I were being totally honest it's actually 2 songs in one that my close friend chad and I decided to experiment and push the limit of the sound we were creating.

when it came to the lyrics they are mainly based on living in Toronto and my personal view in Canada. Fun fact the beat for the second half of the track is the first beat in reverse slowed down.

We can imagine you've been told time and time again how incredible your vocal range is, but we just had to say it again. Did your vocal flow come naturally, or was it crafted over time?

First off thank you very much. I started singing from the early age of 3 and I would have to say both singing always came naturally to me but even I can admit without hours of practice either by myself or with the church choir for years I wouldn't be where I am today lyrically or vocally. 

Can you tell us the predominant message behind "Right Now"? How did you feel writing/recording the track, and how did you intend your listeners to feel?

The first part of right now explaining to a female who is not from Toronto exactly how I see my city I generally felt at that time that there was no better time to be a Canadian the 2 part of the song is inviting my female friend to come to live the life. I intended my listeners to feel a little more connected to me given the fact that I was being lyrically vulnerable.

How does living in Toronto feed your musical passion on the daily? Do you find that music culture inspires you and your music?

I truly believe that where ever you live there's both inspiration and tragedy it's up to you to choose which one you want more of 

We're highly anticipating the release of "Worth The Wait"! What's the timeline looking like for the release of the EP?

I can't lie I'm very excited about it myself and I and my team are thinking next summer no official date yet.