Showtime Shegz Launches His Feel-Good New Song "Everyting Good" to the World

Showtime Shegz was born in Lagos, Nigeria but spent most of his life growing up in South East London. Showtime Shegz perfected a great dynamic and blend between hip-hop and experimental R&B music. Showtime Shegz has just released his latest single titled “Everyting Good”. This song is bound to get the dancefloor grooving with its funky rhythm and vibe. “Everyting good, I look good, feel good, dance good, taste good” the hook sings, this was a perfect addition to the song that creates a confident tone in the lyrics. Let’s be real here. We all love listening to a jam that gets us feeling good about ourselves. This is the exact confidence level Showtime Shegz instills in his listeners, wrapping us up with a charismatic and outgoing hit that’s going to have us feeling the exuberant energy that radiates perfectly.

“Everyting Good” is the perfect type of song we’ll add to our playlist before a night out. The lyrics, tempo, and delivery will place you on cloud nine. A great characteristic of Showtime Shegz is his marvelous songwriting skills. His lyrics create a spontaneous fuse of no forced construction and channeling of his inner emotions, both positive and negative. “Everyting Good” is an electrifying song that we were completely enticed by.

Listen to “Everyting Good” by Showtime Shegz here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Showtime Shegz! In what ways do you manage to incorporate your cultural background into your music? Where do you find most of your inspiration?

Honestly haven't incorporated a lot of my African Culture as yet but I definitely plan to, But on my album “Imperfect Art(IST)” I intentionally put a lot of time and effort into incorporating my Nigerian roots into the songs ‘419’ and ‘God Flexn’ from the production and the verbiage used, mixing little bits or Yoruba and broken English.

We loved the lyrics in “Everyting Good”. It was fun, confident, and catchy! What were your intentions with this song and how would you describe the songwriting approach?

The whole album is a rollercoaster of emotions (which was almost the name of the album lol) and for this track, I wanted to encapsulate me in high spirits. I like to focus on a vibe or subject when writing a song and with this song, I started with the chorus and built from there.

In what ways do you take from your inspirations like Biggie, Kanye, Pharrell, and more, and cultivate your sound from their unique styles?

What I love about the names you mentioned is that they are all individuals and have their own styles but also wasn't afraid to be creative and try new things even though it might not be in vogue. I love creating and I love making new flows and rhyme patterns, I love making beats that don’t sound generic.

What would you consider to be the most challenging aspect of creating “Everyting Good” and how did you manage to grow from the obstacle?

“Everyting Good” was actually the first track recorded on my own, while making the album I was recording in a studio but my engineer became very busy and it became very frustrating and was slowing down my plans of finishing the album by my target date. So I invested in some recording equipment and the rest is history.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

More Music, at least 2 more projects, with me showcasing my creative range.