SHVII Has Money on Her Mind In New Single “M’s”

Debuting today, SHVII released the highly-anticipated single titled “M’s”. “M’s” was a thrilling song that talked about having nothing but the money on your mind! It’s the perfect song for the hustlers and people seeking motivation through music. “M’s” had a trademarking delivery that was relaxed but also exhilarating. “M’s” was dynamic but also cohesive with its lyrical meaning. The idea of money gets most people hyped. Therefore, it was only right SHVII delivered the invigorating energy in “M’s”. “M’s” is highly recommended for people who like stereo bangers with a touch of underground artistry.

“M’s” was a visionary single that not only placed us in the music to enjoy the vibe, but we were feeling the lyrics to the full capacity. Listening to “M’s” was not only entertaining but it was also satisfying enough to give it repeated listens. You can find that the contagious energy in “M’s” will radiate across you and have you overwhelmed with a feeling of excitement. SHVII is an upcoming UK based artist who plans on making 2020 her year. With a song like “M’s”, we have no doubt that she can accomplish this. Radiating energy, enticing vocal delivery, and relatable lyrics, SHVII is a fresh new artist with a trailblazing sound that’s bound to have you hooked.

Listen to “M’s” by SHVII here


Hey SHVII, welcome to BuzzMusic! You have such a unique stage name. What’s the story behind SHVII?

So SHVII is pronounced SHY and spelled SHAII a nickname adopted by both friends and family as an oxymoron to my actual personality and persona. The ironic thing is I'm not shy but it is an endearing quality to have and I like to think I have an endearing personality. I have flipped the A to a V to make my logo more stylistic and a point of conversation.

Being a female rapper in the music industry, have you faced any advantages or disadvantages as an artist? How has this shaped who you are as an artist?

YES, 100% women, in general, within the industry particularly are expected to look, act and dress in a certain way. Female rappers in the industry are all conforming to the same formula and to me are all quite similar. I have arrived to change the blueprint and show that women don't have to talk about the same topics to be heard.

“M’s” is your first release of 2020. What does this song mean to you?

To me, M's is about the constant pressure of and pursuit of money and having it on my mind. But within the verses, there is a reference to making money from music and getting rid of any other competition.

How would you detail your approach towards “M’s”? Did you face any creative challenges?

The construction of the song and lyrics was not so much the issue, it was trying to effectively get the visuals to a place where they fit with the song and my vision. My videographer @iamkamking helped a lot with the creative side of the visuals and I'm really happy with the results and look forward to the response to it.

What can we expect to see from you through 2020?

A range of projects and more music. I am ready to kick through the doors of the scene and change the game a little. I'M HERE!