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Shy Vincent Gives Us "In Touch"

Shy Vincent is an up and coming UK singer- songwriter. His musical journey began two years ago when he began to transfer his thoughts from the pad to the mic, the feeling of watching a vision unfold whilst beginning to grasp the concept of what makes an honest track was deliciously satisfying to him.  

Shy Vincent released his single titled “In Touch” and by the first note I can already tell that Shy Vincent is about to become a timeless hit whom would be remembered for his smooth-sailing vocals and suave resonance. Shy Vincent gave his single “In Touch” this funky and groovy soulful flare that matches his airy yet full toned vocal quality. Think of smooth singers like Robin Thicke, Maxwell, and Michael Jackson with beats similar to artists like Bruno Mars and Childish Gambino’s “Redbone”. That’s the curated production of “In Touch” however, “In Touch” still has its own unique style individualistic from its comparisons which makes it an individual hit record! If you intune yourself in with the record you hear many different instruments one of the most noticeable for me was the grimy bass guitar. The bass guitar served as the base for the entire record and created that whole soul-esque persona for the single. I can tell Shy Vincent incorporated the styles of his influences which includes Mario and Ne-yo. "In Touch" is the closest vibe to where he currently feels he is vibrating. As a combination of smooth and sensual synths collide with insatiable head bopping beats and sharp lyrical delight we are left with a RnB/pop fusion that is hard to resist.

Be sure to check out Shy Vincent's "In Touch" on Spotify.

Scroll down to find the artist's personalized interview!

How has it been growing up in the UK for you Shy? How did growing up in the UK influence your music career?

Growing up for me in the UK for me was definitely somewhat a bit of a rollercoaster. I have always been someone who is very expressive in a multitude of ways. I grew up in a town where it was fairly hard for me to find people who thought in a similar way. Where as a lot of the kids were quite happy to hang around, smoke and drink I was always wanting to explore, find new things and have new experiences. Music was always an amazing outlet for me. I used to be obsessed with Hip Hop culture whether it be the Music Videos, the dancing, the word play. Being in touch with with American Urban Music culture was always something that excited me. Finding new tunes to burn onto a CD and listen to on my walkman whilst working on music video choreography in my head was a perfect evening indoors for me! I would always write and freestyle in front of my friend but taking the plunge to make it a career wasn't something that happened until about 2 years ago. I sometimes wish I had started younger but I definitely feel that from a slightly more mature perspective it's easier for me to understand what is required at that time in the industry from both a creative and business perspective.

Knowing some of your personal favorites are artists like Mario, Ne-yo, and Keri Hilson, what are some of your personal favorite songs by them?

Damn, so many. Okay so Mario 'Kryptonite' for me is a staple song for my life- maybe not in the way the song is directly referring, but resisting temptation for myself and so many can be so tough at times. I also think resisting and procrastinating are cousins, two states at two ends of the same spectrum, the song resonates with me and sounds so damn good. Also 'Music for Love' because it's so damn sexy and I love the love in all of its many forms. Ne-Yo is just absolute nostalgia for me, but my favourite song from him has to be 'When you're mad' simply because it never fails to take me back to a time where things were simper. Or I considered things to be simpler. Ironically he released a song on his 2018 album 'GOOD MAN' called '1 More Shot' which uses the same beat as my 2016 track 'My Feelings' which you can listen to on my SoundCloud (gotta love a shameless plug). As for Keri I don't know where she is but I want her back. Dare I say need.. She is an impeccable songwriter. One of my all time faves from her is 'Energy'. As an empath I can relate entirely to everything this song depicts. Beautifully written, catchy and she is one beautiful human.

What was the most challenging aspect for “In Touch” for you?

It had to be the recording of the track, I tried to record it in the summer and I had such hay fever it just wouldn't sound how I wanted it to. I also wasn't in an amazing place creatively however. I have a trait of over analysing everything which is my most powerful/ destructive tool. I let it go but something was telling me this song was the start of something beautiful and I still really believe that. I managed to get the vocals sounding how I intended around a month or so ago, I really feel like with this track embodies something that just sounds magical for me. I don't know what it is about the track but it really feel it reflects a part of my spirit and I love that.

Did you have lots of fun shooting the video? What was your ultimate vision for your music video?

The Video kind of happened off the whim. It's really simple and I like that it is but you can definitely expect my next projects to be a lot more theatrical and creative (but with the same aspect). I also want to explore my dancing as I am quite the mover.

Do you have anything upcoming you'd like to share with us?

I don't have a date as of yet but you can definitely expect a summer time EP and I am going to make sure it's sounding as sexy as it can!


Connect with Shy Vincent on the artist's Instagram.


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