ShyBoy Shines a Light on Desire With His Delicate Single, "Superhero"

The Los Angeles Songwriter, DJ, and Producer ShyBoy releases a different single than what we're used to from him, as he opens our hearts with his latest hit "Superhero."

We've seen the likes of ShyBoy's music grow exponentially over the past year or so, as he's continually expanding and experimenting with new sounds that keep his audience well engaged.

With the release of his passionate single "Superhero," ShyBoy delivers this alternative-pop sound through delicate keys and his warm vocals.

Singing lyrics of longing to be by someone's side to make them feel safe again, ShyBoy sings the woes that linger in our minds while delivering a sonic sense of optimism. "Superhero" begins with ShyBoy vocalizing his emotions of wanting to bring equality and justice to the world, yet also wishing to gain someone's attention and pull them in for a warm embrace.

ShyBoy's vocals offer us that needed warm embrace, as the surrounding downtempo instrumentals pour over with high-end synth arrangements and organic drum patterns.

Not to mention the addition of natural piano and soft background strings, we love the serenity and passion that ShyBoy has delivered sonically. Around the bridge, ShyBoy's vocals are accompanied by staccato piano chord progressions that bring this exciting and anticipatory feeling of waiting for someone to return.

"Superhero" brings listeners deep into ShyBoy's boundless passion for this person, all while pushing his message of justice and equality in every aspect of life.