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Sicily Jordan Releases “Hit And Run”

Sicily Jordan, a celebrated singer-songwriter, has garnered praise from industry heavyweights for her remarkable musical abilities. As she ventures into new territory with her latest single, "Hit and Run," she unveils a side of her artistry that delves deep into human emotion and connection complexities.

Working alongside the proficient production team Chapters, Sicily presents a musical dream that melds evocative, sentimental ballads with cutting-edge contemporary flair. "Hit and Run" encapsulates the torment of willingly surrendering to a love that remains unreturned, striking a chord with anyone who has ever yearned for resolution when it seems impossible to attain.

The song's bewitching nature is accentuated by mesmerizing piano accompaniments and otherworldly drum beats. Through "Hit and Run," Sicily conveys a narrative of a complex relationship scarred by the blame game and all that comes with it, in which she willingly endures as the one who remains in love trenches. Her extraordinary vocals encompass a wide array of harmonies and falsettos, demonstrating the vastness of her emotional and vocal scope.

"Hit and Run" is a melancholic ode that captivates listeners with its profound exploration of love, loss, and the human spirit's resilience. The melody and moving story will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on anyone who has faced the trials of love and the yearning for closure.

As Sicily Jordan's star continues to rise in the music landscape, "Hit and Run" is a testament to her immense talent and will leave an unforgettable impression on all who experience it.

Fall into “Hit And Run” out on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sicily Jordan! Cheers to coming out strong on "Hit and Run," The theme of shared responsibility in "Hit and Run" is a powerful narrative that many listeners can relate to. What led you to explore this concept in your music, and how do you think it helps to challenge conventional perspectives on love and relationships?

Thank you, and thanks for having me! People often ask me why I write so many sad love songs, and I think one of the reasons is that sadness or pain in love is not only one of the universal experiences, but it’s also the experience where people are most in need of connection. Music is such a powerful way to find a connection. For ‘Hit and Run’ specifically, that connection could be feeling less alone knowing someone else has experienced a hit-and-run relationship or connecting to and understanding your feelings through the lyrics.

Your vocal performance in "Hit and Run" showcases an impressive range, with smooth harmonies and falsettos. How did you approach the vocal arrangement for this track, and were there any particular challenges or breakthroughs during the recording process?

When writing ‘Hit and Run,’ I wanted the melody to work with the lyrics to mirror the emotional build-up and letdown in this love relationship. If you listen closely to the verses, you can feel that journey. The held notes and falsettos in the chorus are significant because, vocally, that’s such a fragile space to be in, but as a singer, you must commit to those notes to deliver them well. Again, the arrangement mirrors the emotions of the song. But my favourite part of the song is the harmonies in the bridge. My producers, Justin Tinucci and Simon Jay, came up with them while we recorded. The contrast those harmonies provide against the sound of the siren perfectly captures the conflict of a ‘Hit and Run’ relationship.

Your vocal prowess in "Hit and Run" leaves a lasting impression on listeners. Can you share some insights into your vocal training or any practices that have been instrumental in shaping your unique singing style?

I haven’t had much formal vocal training. I’m more of a research and teach-myself kind of person. I’ll watch videos about vocal technique, singing tips and tricks, and live performances, then experiment with what my voice can do, sometimes for hours on end. The most important thing to me when it comes to singing is expressing the song's emotion truthfully and in a way that enhances the storytelling.

"Hit and Run" delves into the vulnerability of love and the universal longing for closure. How do you hope your listeners will connect with this theme, and what impact do you wish to leave on those who have faced similar struggles in their relationships?

One of the reasons I think songs are so powerful is the unique way they can communicate a shared experience to make someone feel less alone while at the same time being so intensely personal to that listener that it gives them precisely what they need to express their emotions. I think that sadness or pain someone feels can be challenging to manage internally, particularly with sad love songs. If you find a song you can resonate with within that time of sadness, that song becomes a way to give meaning to the emotion outside of yourself and consequently provide a way to understand what you’re experiencing.

Following the release of "Hit and Run," what can fans expect from your future projects? Are there any new themes or musical styles you're eager to explore as you develop as an artist and share your journey with the world?

There are more songs to come that I produced with Chapters, and I plan to continue writing and recording many more! I’m so grateful that I can pursue my passion as an artist, and you better believe that I will never stop exploring ways to tell honest, meaningful stories through music.


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