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Side Eyes Releases Hazy New Single “Be Lost”

Coming from San Diego, CA a new addition to your ‘Night Driving’ playlists, Side Eyes. While he’s just debuting his first single “Be Lost”, he’s still constantly working on music and is planning on dropping more releases later on. “Be Lost” is the perfect ethereal sound to fabricate a sense of belonging while listening. Regardless the mood you were in prior to listening, the moment you play this song is the moment you become infatuated by the sensational feeling of otherworldly sounds and dream-like synths. The atmospheric instrumental lacks vocals and lyrics yet still gives its listeners the freedom of expression to create a storyline they feel is most fitting for the music. It’s a great record to kickback and relax, and remove all your day to day conscious thoughts and replace it with in the moment unconscious thoughts due to the jubilation and euphoric music. Set a moment for yourself driving through the night, rain pouring, windscreen wipers wiping the water off the shield, and you’re just free from any stress at the moment, driving towards a destination where you will feel delighted and replenished. That’s the environment I pictured while listening to “Be Lost”. What was yours?

Get lost in the ambience of "Be Lost" on Spotify, and scroll down to get to know Side Eyes better through their exclusive interview!

What encouraged you to create the stage name “Side Eyes” ?

I actually created the logo I use before I even had music recorded. So when looking for a name to put all my music under, it only made sense to try to think of a name related to “eye(s)”. Lo and behold.... SIDE EYES.

Is the electronic, pop, but downbeat style of “Be Lost” the type of music you aim to create?

Yeah exactly. I already have a backlog of songs ready to be released & they all have that “Be Lost” style to them without being copies of one another.

“Be Lost” has this unique ability to create vivid images in our heads, what do you imagine while listening from your artist perspective?

What I imagine when I listen to ‘Be Lost’ is the POV of a person driving a car at night. Mainly because that was my view when listening to demo versions of this song.

How excited are you to further release more music?

I’m really looking forward to finally releasing my songs to someone’s ears that isn’t just my girlfriend’s haha.

What else can we expect out of you?

More songs to drive at night to. Or anything for that matter. Follow me on your Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud etc. for new music coming very soon.

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