Sidney B Is Back with Another Hit! Check out “Woodstock 69”

Born in Nice, France, but currently based in Los Angeles, lyrical artist and talented singer/songwriter Sidney B has explored and immersed himself into almost every type of genre there is. With a slew of diverse influences under his belt, Sidney is cranking out groovy music for all his fans to dance to and enjoy. From the house beats of Europe through to the funk of Latin America to the lyrical rap of the US, each area has imparted its unique music influence on Sidney, who now brings these styles together into an irresistible pop package.

Listen to Sidney B’s new single “Woodstock 69” at top volume for the full effect. Multiple layers of synths, funky bass notes and beats rain down, showcasing a structurally entertaining and engaging piece that utilizes contrast well. The pauses and subsequent drops are effectively executed, seeing the track move from melodically entrancing moments of pop to grittier hits of alternative dance and even a flicker of funk-inspired soulful vocals just to keep things moving. Production-wise, “Woodstock 69” almost seems like two compositions at once, the instrumental version would work well in itself as cinematic escapism. Though with the vocal melody and story-line “Woodstock 69” becomes something else entirely. It feels a little electro-pop thanks to that level of personality in Sidney B’s incredible voice. The track grows to become more enjoyable with every few seconds that pass. Retro elements fuse fresh and uplifting qualities to offer a memorable and quite striking audio journey. Check out “Woodstock 69” here.

Welcome back, Sidney B! We’re really happy to be featuring your song “Woodstock 69”. Can you explain to our readers the meaning and inspiration behind the track? 

Yes, I wanted to capture the vibrations of love, brotherhood, and unity. Values that I think are often missing in today's world and that is really needed. I wanted to take my audience into a time-machine that take us back at the peak of the hippie movement: "Woodstock 69". A place filled with music, love, and hope for a better future. It almost feels naive, like when we were kids and we're not making any distinction between sexes, skin colors, religions or social status.

“Woodstock 69” is easily one of the most enjoyably addictive and upbeat pop songs to emerge in quite a while! Was it your intention to build something that would translate in such an energetic and stage-ready manner, or did that just come as part of the writing process? 

It's a celebration! When I perform this song live with my band it goes on for at least 7-8 minutes as everyone claps and sings along.  At my humble level, It was my intention to create my own "We will rock you". A "Stadium-ready" song that brings people together and elevates their spirit. The only music, which is the universal language, can create this feeling of unity and excitement.

Who has had the biggest influence on your life musically thus far? Can you describe the impact this particular individual has had in terms of your new song “Woodstock 69”?

My biggest influence, if I had to choose one which is hard, would definitely be Michael Jackson. I always wanted to walk in his footsteps. Not only he was one of the greatest entertainers in history but, his music was blended with powerful and timeless messages. I love to make people dance but also make them think when they take a closer look at my lyrics. I still believe that good music can change the world and influence lives.

What can you tell us about the colorful new music video you’ve released for this single? 

I wanted to create something simple that visually translates the feeling of the song. A video full of colors, movements and that would give a feel of my live performances. I shot it in a studio in Downtown LA using different color backgrounds and camera angles. I will tell you a secret: I recorded 4 other videos that day around the same concept that I will be releasing before the end of the year. Among them a mashup of songs of the Beatles in stay tuned.

Thank you so much for chatting with us again! Can you share with our readers one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in the music industry thus far?

It's always a pleasure chatting with you Buzz Music! To be totally honest, I love all aspects of music and being an artist, but I don't have much love for the Music Industry. To me, it is the hardest business to be in, because no matter how hard you work or how talented you are, it all comes down to who you know. Your efforts don't always match your success, and luck plays a huge part in making or breaking an artist. I decided to focus less on the results and metrics, and focus more on the pleasure that I have and that I give when I make music. I was depressed for a long time about not reaching the level of success that I thought I deserved, until one day I received a video of 2 little girls, filmed by their parents, dancing in their living room and singing my songs by heart. At that moment I understood that I didn't need millions of fans if I can impact at least 1 life or give joy to a child. So my biggest lesson is: Do it to touch the soul, not to get the numbers.