Sidney Breedlove Showcases a Vulnerable Spectrum of Realism in "Roll Up When I'm Finished"

Georgia Native, Sidney Breedlove is inspiring people to lead a life with love. The honest and raw talent has been inspired by Rap icons such as Tupac Shakur, Wiz Khalifa, and Ludacris, as well as his family.

Sidney Breedlove gives special credit to his mother who taught him to always be honest and true to himself. Motivated by love for his little brother, he has a singular vision for his art: Breed an Eternity. Looking to inspire a culture of personal growth and to help one another, he dreams of one day collaborating with one of his favorite artists, Andre 3000 in pursuit of this mission.

“Roll Up When I’m Finished,” is the most recent single reigning supreme from the one and only Sidney Breedlove. Exuding his artistic techniques over a melodic instrumentation that dips into a mid-paced tempo, you hear the passion pour into the cognizant verses that he offers his listeners.

As an emcee, he places emphasis on his lyricism and the manner in which he articulates his intricately crafted verses. What we love the most about that is how the clarity extends an introspective lens to his rapidly growing fan base so they can view his outlook from their own emotions. Utilizing this track as a one on one moment where he chooses to get up close and personal with the moments he has endured in his lifetime, we appreciate the authenticity that drips from Sidney Breedlove’s heart.

Pairing the sonic journal with visuals that showcase Sidney Breedlove in a hotel room rapping t the camera as he rolls one up, you feel a deeper connection to the artist and individual behind the song as his face time with the camera emanates the thought-provoking lyrics in a way you wouldn’t expect.

Continuing to lead by example and instill brighter days in the generations to come, Sidney Breedlove is remarkably talented in the way he hooks us into his soundscapes and portrays his life’s vision.