Sierra Noble Releases Fear and Doubt In a New Single, "Let Me Out Of Here"

The ethereal stylings of singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Sierra Noble take us by the hand in a new emotional single entitled "Let Me Out Of Here."

Returning from a five-year hiatus, Sierra Noble is back and better than ever, recharged and ready to rewrite their story. The gender non-conforming artist has opened for acts like Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, Johnny Reid and was a featured performer for the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Now releasing a deeply emotional and cathartic single, "Let Me Out Of Here," Sierra Noble showcases their graceful poise and transcendent melodies in a heartfelt response to the unwelcomed opinions and harsh judgments of others. "It's both an acknowledgment of that pain, fear, and helplessness, and a hand reaching out to remind you that the light is still there, no matter how dim it may appear right now," said Noble.

Listening to the single, "Let Me Out Of Here," the song gently opens with a plucky electric guitar alongside a warm acoustic and downtempo drum breaks. As the fluttering piano melodies begin to melt through our speakers, so do Sierra Noble's soft and chilling vocal stylings.

Expanding on their passionate and emotional lyricism, Sierra Noble exclaims their need to get out of a hopeless situation where they can't find their way out. We adore the tender and relatable emotion that Sierra Noble drenches us in, especially as they summon the courage to belt their lyrics on the powerful hook and bring us into sonic bliss.

Feed your soul with help from Sierra Noble's latest single, "Let Me Out Of Here," available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Sierra Noble. We deeply appreciate the vulnerable and relatable concept of your latest single, "Let Me Out Of Here." When did you begin feeling inspired to write this song? What compelled you to do so?

“Let Me Out Of Here” came from a sharing of both myself and Rusty Matyas’ (my collaborator - co-writer and co-producer on this song) experiences with mental health. In 2016 I was living in Nashville and from the outside in I think it looked like I was doing pretty great, but the reality was that I was in the deepest depression I’d ever been in, and was experiencing debilitating panic attacks on my bathroom floor every day for months. It was rooted in over a decade of chronic and traumatic stress, experience with abuse of all kinds including sexual abuse and harassment throughout my life since I was very young. I never took the time to process any of it, because I was always too busy with my music career since I was 13 years old. While I’m aware of how lucky I have been in my career, being a person in a female body in the entertainment industry is far from safe and supportive. In 2016, the box full of traumas labeled “deal with this later” came bursting open and my mind and body forced me to stop. I came back to Winnipeg, and while I was still performing here and there, I effectively took 5 years off to regroup. Rusty’s side of this song comes from his experience with alcoholism and his journey to sobriety. Alcoholism had him on the brink of death, and music is in large part what helped him heal...what helped both of us heal. The bed tracks to “Let Me Out Of Here” was one of a series of tracks that Rusty recorded as soon as he got out of detox, centered around a voice note that he made in one of his darkest times, laying on his kitchen floor. Without knowing any of that, the first time I heard the track something about it brought me right back to laying on my bathroom floor in Nashville, and the words “Let Me Out Of Here” came to my mind almost as soon as I heard the chorus. We really put our whole hearts into this one, we are grateful for this song, and proud of it, and we hope that it will give someone else the hope they need to reach out toward the light from the darkness.

What did you want your audience to take away for themselves after experiencing your emotional single "Let Me Out Of Here?”

I really hope that this song will remind people who have been in those dark places that they are not alone in their experience or their pain, and give people who are maybe there right now some hope to hold on and keep reaching for the light.

Was it difficult to be so vulnerable and open when writing your lyrics for "Let Me Out Of Here?” Or was your songwriting process rather therapeutic and cathartic?

It was incredibly therapeutic for both of us. Because we are friends and share the experience of pulling ourselves out of the dark, I think we both felt safe with one another to really dig deep for this one. We weren’t thinking about what other people would think, this song just had to be realized.

What was your creative process like when producing and recording the sonics/instrumentals for "Let Me Out Of Here?” Did you tackle this process completely solo?

I mentioned that the bed tracks for the song were done after Rusty got out of detox. This was before we knew each other, so I came in later to this one. There are a lot of really special layers in this track that I hope as people listen to it will be revealed to their ears. There are a lot of sonic elements like the squeak of an old space heater, and the closing of a door. They are all very intentional and carry a lot of meaning. The final product was very much a collaborative effort, but the beginnings started with Rusty getting a second chance at life and pouring all of that into music. I feel so lucky that he shared that track with me that day.


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