"Silver Screen Lover," Has Us Eating Out of the Palm of Aimee Saturne's Talents

From the lustful nights in the city of angels, we are gifted with the talents of dark Pop princess Aimee Saturne. With tantalizing lyrics and melodies that wrap around your mind, the sultry sound of this vocalist’s story will leave you craving more.

Having lived in various states and countries throughout her youth, California was always the one place that Aimee Saturne called home. Backed by known names in the Pop world, she has gathered the perfect team behind the music, bringing all of her innermost desires to fulfillment- and hoping to unlock a more freeing ethos in the listener.

Pulling us into the shadowy underworld of her sensual vocalization and lush dark outlooks, Aimee Saturne presents us with her most recent single, “Silver Screen Lover.” Connecting the dots between her extraordinary songwriting techniques that dabble into the impeccable use of time and space, the well-rounded talents that have us heading towards Aimee Saturne come naturally to us as we can’t resist the magnetic appeal that she holds.

Illustrating vivid imagery in a realm of distorted synths that cater to a boisterous persona, the ethereal jaunts of the sizzling instrumentation fashion stagnant coatings of oozing abstract depth. The detail that has gone into this composition is undeniably intricate at its finest moments.

While working towards a full embodiment of edgy characteristics, the manner in which her inimitable timbres act as a centerpiece is remarkable. Aimee Saturne’s personality hurdles through any resonance that stands in her way as she makes it entirely her own unique flavor.

Approaching this song with a saturated expedition of proactive tenors, “Silver Screen Lovers,” has Aimee Saturne leaping into a subdivision of musical genres that have us wrapped around her finger.

Anticipating the next move from Aimee Saturne’s playbook, we’re going to sip on our favorite red wine while taking in all that is, “Silver Screen Lover,” another time around.

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Silver Screen Lover.” What does this song directly mean to you as an artist and individual?

Thank you! Silver Screen Lover holds a special place in my heart because it originally began as a poem that I wrote at a time when my heart physically ached. A lot of my music stems from my poetry or free writing, but this one was comprised of feelings I’d had bottled up for years. In my artistry, it ended up being one of my favorite tracks, and one of the tracks that felt the most like me. Sonically, lyrically, and eventually visually, it embodies all that I am.

What message are you hoping that your listeners take away from this masterpiece?

If anyone takes anything away from it, I hope that it’s a chunk of who I am as well as something they can relate to in their own way. I don’t write in a surface way. The lyrics are suggestive, but there’s always a deeper meaning, and the beauty of music is that people get to hear what they feel no matter what I intended the track to be about. For me, this song is part of a story. In fact, it’s kind of the first chapter of my story. It’s what‘s driven me this far.

Could you please share what your favorite part of the creative process tends to be for you?

That’s tough because I enjoy everything from conceptualizing to recording, but my favorite part is probably writing. Having the a-ha moment of “this needs to be a song!” and immediately picking up a pen and writing down ideas and lines for the song itself is a personal thing to me, almost ritualistic. I can say anything I want to in a song, more so than I can just be speaking. My music is like a journal that everyone gets to know the contents of. Getting to hear the words really come to life in the form of lyrics with an amazing track behind them is pretty fun, too.

What musical and non-musical influences do you allow to speak into your music?

Love - unrequited or not - lust and obsession are all influences in my music, as well as personal experiences. There are little hints and nods laced between the tracks in their entirety to specific things, people, sounds, and situations. Silver Screen Lover is full of them, not only lyrically but in the music, like the bridge. But it all comes from the heart and from emotions at the moment, it’s never forced. I’m thankful no one ever has to capitulate to an idea.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Life and love! I’m easily inspired and a huge romantic. I find romanticism in plenty of things, and no matter where I go I breathe music and poetry. My notes and journals are full of poems, ideas, and lyrics. It’s also so stellar to have a great producer who encourages that, as well as tosses in ideas of his own, which keeps the ball rolling. It’s such a harmonious collaborative effort that I couldn’t appreciate it more.