Simo Love Releases the Emotionally Convicted Single, “Alone”

Los Angeles is known for its great talent and sensational Hollywood effect. The pop singer born and raised in North Carolina, Simo Love, is making huge waves for herself in the big city. Simo Love creates music that feeds her soul, which spans through many genres as a black trans woman.

Simo Love released her single titled "Alone," and we weren't prepared for the impact this song left on us. Starting on the production of this single, the acoustic guitar chords developing into an electric guitar resonance added this soft rock dimension to this single that created a foundation for the genre-blending record. Another cool effect we've noticed in "Alone" was the cinematic feel it gave.

The introduction of this single began with a climactic emotional build-up to help reflect the song's sentimental vibe. Simo Love's vocal delivery was so intricate & detailed in different projections, and her stylistic approach to her musicality showcases her individuality as an artist.

"Alone" opens a pathway for the listener to be vulnerable with Simo Love, with its relatable romantic lyricism that depicts the concept of isolation, a feeling many of us have felt before. When artists are able to get unguarded with their music and express themselves on a personal level, the admiration and respect for their artistry are inevitable.

Simo Love has exceptionally delivered a work of art that reflects her character while also connecting with the audience she attracts and more.

In what ways do you think growing up musically inclined has benefitted your artistry today?

I think growing up musically inclined gave me the ability to be experimental today. I would listen to so many different kinds of artists and I think that led me to be open to not being afraid to bring all of that influence to my art. Growing up singing gospel music compelled me to refine my voice and gave me a good ear when I am listening to music. I do not think that race is king when it comes to music. And I bring a lot of empathy for my artistry.

“Alone” was a theatrical piece that resonated well with us. Can you tell us the inspiration behind this song and how it reflects your personal experiences?

Thank You so much! Well, when I wrote the hook for the song, I was being haunted by a couple of different things. My high school friend Monica had just died from a car crash. And it was discovered that she had alcohol in her system. So I imagined that she was “swirling like a cyclone” before she died in her car. I was also haunted because I was dating a white guy and we call that swirling darling. It made me feel very free.

Love knows no race but I grew up in a very religious and upper-middle-class black family that I remember hearing tell my older sister that she was to date a black man. So I was conflicted but also felt exhilarated. Usually, I write stream of consciousness before I try to refine my songs and so I was also driving from North Carolina back to Conservatory in California by myself and I noticed how beautiful the Arizona sky was. Finally, there was a time that I questioned my gender and sexuality and did not think that I could honestly find real love if I came out as trans. So the “I wanna love without fear” line definitely was about freeing myself from the limitations of doubt in race, gender, and sexuality.

What were your intentions with the creative direction of “Alone”? What was the ultimate feeling you wanted to deliver to your listeners?

Well creatively, I wanted to appeal to many different types of music listeners and create my own genre. I do not feel limited by pop, r&b, rock, gospel, or electronica music and I wanted to reflect all of the themes that I am talking about in the song. I love a lot of different genres and wanted to make music with this song and album that reflected my vast musical sensibilities. I had a lot of different references for this song; Moby, Solange, Christina Aguilera, Vertical Horizon, Alicia Keys, Blaque, and Frank Ocean. Specifically, I tried to pull from songs that had similar themes to the lyrics in “Alone” and I wanted to captivate my listeners by mixing in elements of those songs to my haunting melody. Ultimately, I want the audience to feel a sense of peace in love from the song.

Thanks for sharing Simo Love! As 2020 is slowly approaching to an end, what do you think has been the biggest lesson this year for you career-wise and why?

Thank You! As 2020 is slowly approaching to an end, I think the biggest lesson that I have learned is to not limit myself. In March, when I was still trying to make music, all of the studios were closing. So I bought a new laptop and home studio and decided to continue to try to make music even if there was a pandemic. My creativity definitely did not stop and I learned that if I can continue to thrive when “all shit has hit the fan” then I will be unstoppable when things are somewhat back to normal. This is because I was so unyielding and relentless. It’s something I never knew in myself and career-wise I finally feel like I have found my voice as an artist. So when I am hopefully booking a hella amount of shows, I will be able to be this confident and very specific and unapologetic artist.

This year has been extremely difficult for the music industry. What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music, this year?

Well, I started writing some of the songs on this album back in 2009! That is eleven years ago! Whew Child!  Getting my album done has been my biggest source of inspiration. I feel like the world needs my perspective. I am a college-educated black trans woman that isn’t limited by what the drag clubs and ballroom scenes think is edgy, sexy, and relevant. So I think, I am driven by my own narrative. I see artists like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Janelle Monae able to exist in many different types of scenes and that fuels me.