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Simon George Releases The Most Beautiful And Melodically Driven Album “I Am The Wanderer”

Simon George is an artist you won’t forget, with a sound that would completely seize the moment. He released an enticing album titled “I Am The Wanderer: Tales From The Old West”, and each track of this album warrants it's placement in the order. He takes his listener on an unforgettable journey filled with beautiful guitar strings, riveting vocals, and a classic folklore aesthetic floating behind the album. The opening two songs “The Mountain Calling” and “My Way” initiates this journey for the listener. The beautifully stringed acoustics creates a foundation for both these songs to travel alongside with. Although both created imagery in the listener's head, one song differentiates from the other record. “The Mountain Calling” vocal delivery is more upbeat, filled with grit while the vocals in “My Way” felt more passionately executed!

The next record on this album “The Pure” had this grunge-like rock n roll rasp to the vocals, and the energy filled inside the track was exhilarating. You feel like you’re intertwining with the production and vocals of the record. I loved the feeling “The Pure” gave me. It was so relevant to the name of the song, ironically. You felt this “I love life” sensation flowing in and out your body, which was so absorbing.

The next song that transitions in is “Where The Problem Lies”, I loved the tune, and melody of the hook. It was that addicting & repetitive melodic hook that becomes glues to your brain, and memory. For me, “Where The Problem Lies” Created a thought-provoked lyrical approach, which had me studying the possible meaning of the record and album. This was a great offering to the entire project.

The next record, “I Am The Wanderer” was a pleasant surprise. After listening to the melodically ballad-driven tracks prior, the entire energy transforms into something more groovy! The rhythm of “I Am The Wanderer” felt so transporting I literally closed my eyes and mentally placed myself in a different time period. The classic funk, pop, and soul were all demonstrated in “I Am The Wanderer”. This brought an entirely new dimension to the album. After giving the listener a celebration, Simon George slows things down with a romantically driven , and smooth-sailing ballad, “We Used To Love Each Other”. With lyrics others can relate too, Simon George executed this soft textured record effortlessly. The melodies seep into your brain, the satisfying chords from the guitar mesmerizes you, and Simon George’s passionate vocal delivery serenades you.

Simon George also delivered the single “Save Your Tears For Sunday”. The melodies in this record were slightly different from the melodies in “We Used To Love Each Other”, with noticeable differences. The long-lasting introduction gave us the idea that this could also be another romantically driven record, and we were right. The poetic songwriting had a strong message underlying the soul and passion in Simon’s voice. This track showed a sense of vulnerability in the artistry of Simon George, giving us something more expansive.

The next track, “Bigger Than Dallas”, was one of my personal favorites. It had a melody that just attracted me. I began to instantly hum along-side, eventually singing along with the hook. This was a brilliant way to show Simon George can appeal to an audience, and connect with their emotions. The soft-like energy of “Bigger Than Dallas” was fitting to the melodic fluid artist Simon George is. Simon George closes the album with the record, “Good Lord Willin”, and we were able to capture the moment a little bit more. This song was the perfect closer. It felt like “Thank you for coming, but the journey ends, so we hope to see you on our next album”. Ending off with a story-telling element, Simon George closes the album off with a song that felt more personalized to him with accepting grief in his vocals. Or maybe, just maybe he’s highly skilled in conveying emotion? To give us that feeling? Whatever the trick is, it works damn good! And Simon George creates an evergreen album.

Brought to you from the depths of the songwriting capital of the world, with its roots spread all across The US, Simon George’s I Am The Wanderer: Tales From The Old West introduces you to a brand of Southern-Folk-Psych-Rock that could emerge only from the minds of those artists, existing in the shadows of the pop-country culture, that define the true Nashville music scene.

Listen to I Am The Wanderer here and get to know more about Simon George below!

Hey Simon George! Mind telling us a little bit about your upbringing and what inspired you to do music?

I was born in Arlington,TX but grew up in Franklin, TN, just south of Nashville. My dad turned me onto a lot of classic rock when I was real young, and given that both sides of my family are from Kentucky, that meant a lot of southern rock, country, and songwriting as well. Growing up in Nashville it was pretty hard not to be turned onto playing music, especially growing up with songwriters kids. I started getting into writing when I was in middle school and the rest is really history.

Are you from Nashville? If so, how did the environment impact your style of music?

Nashville is a very unique place to grow up playing music. While it's incredibly dense with awesome musicianship, its really a songwriting town. And in that, one of my biggest focuses has been songwriting (and playing the guitar of course).

Thank you for sharing your album with us! How challenging was it to create this? What were some of your favorite and least favorite moments in the creation of this album?

There were definitely some challenging aspects of creating this album, but it actually came together pretty seamlessly. My bassist/producer Robert Hudson really brought the thing to life. My favorite overall coloring in the album probably occurred between the first two tracks (The Mountains Calling and My Way Home), and Bigger Than Dallas came together really nicely as well.

Which song off your album is a personal favorite for you? I really love My Way Home and The Pure.

What is next for you Simon George?

Trying to get this album out there as much as possible and hopefully tour to some degree or another very soon! On top of many more albums to come.


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