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"Simple" Music With A Positive Message From Seattle Artist Olie G

Olie G delivers an upbeat single with “Simple Life,” the latest from her debut album, How We Love Pt.1, which came out on Louderback Productions last year. It sounds like walking down the sidewalk at a brisk pace. You can definitely make comparisons to Avril Lavigne and perhaps even Alanis Morissette’s early catalogue. The 23-year-old Seattle resident says she was inspired to take up the musical path as a way to overcome identity struggles during high school. She found solace in the art. And given how big she smiles, it’s pretty clear she came out the other side.

I mean, just watch her beam in the music video for the album’s title track, which came out in August. Olie G says she found a sense of joy through the process of recording. Now she’s going full bore. Even though it’s just as bright, the music is miles away from vapid Instagram posturing.

I’d say it’s music for soccer practice, coffee with the girls and selecting photos for your Pinterest.

Olie G is putting her money where her mouth is, staying true to the causes she loves by playing benefit shows for non-profits she loves. And she’s even created the live Party for People! Experience.

That’s a local artists get-together, where they create space to share talents, and raise money for more disadvantaged folks. She’s always mindful of creating positive environments for those who self-identify as LGBTQ+. Yet, her musical voyage is set to open the door to dialogue with people of all backgrounds.

Listen to "Simple Life" here, and use the links below to connect with Olie G!



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