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Simy Releases "Runaway"

Southern California native, Simy is on his way to the top! Self-titled “Pink Prince of Rap”, he earned that title though his ability to blend fun loving style and artistry within his music. Simy strives to be the first successful rapper out of Orange County. His influences include Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Jay-Z. Not only is Simy passionate about writing music but he’s also experienced in theatre, a brand ambassador for the clothing brand Vintyle and modelling. His debut album titled “Lies” is out now on all streaming platforms.

“Runaway” is my favorite single from Simy. I think it perfectly encaptures his personality and i can hear his personal influences within the lyrics and delivery. The smooth R&B sound arrangements pair extremely well with Simy’s deliberate flow, Iris Lopez’ soft tones and enjoyable lyrics. Simy exudes confidence and I feel the Nicki Minaj comparison when he spits, “Yes I’m a prince I do not open doors”. The way he delivers this lyric and the way he switches from spitting clean bars to singing and showing off his expansive range is admirable. The chorus repeats “Ever since I was a child they been telling me I’m too wild, they been telling me to slow down, I just don’t know how”, this line completely captures the entire theme of the song. The astounding So Cal rapper lets his listeners take a retrospective look at his struggles and put a positive spin on it making for a gratifying single. I’m adding it to my personal playlist and I highly recommend you check it out because you will definitely do the same.

Listen to "Runaway" here and get to know more about Simy below!

Hi Simy! How did you create the name Simy?

Funny thing is I didn’t make that name for myself. As you may know I have a background being a choir kid and sometimes we were able to do pop songs that included a rap that was popular at the time. Just so happens this is when “Problem” by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea was out and trending so ofc I did the rap for it. You may also remember in that song Iggy starts the verse by saying “It’s Iggy Iggy!” , but my entire class at that part told me to say “It’s Simy- Sims!” And from then on when I rapped I took that name. The ‘Sims’ cane from my last name however whenever I told someone my name was “Simy-Sims” they would laugh so when I decided to get more serious about my music I shortened it to “Simy”.

What’s your song “Runaway” about? What inspired the lyrics?

I wrote the song ‘Runaway’ when I actually ran away from home last November. I was gone for about 2 weeks but I was safe with my aunt in Victorville and just being in a new environment gave me time to reflect on things such as growing up, my self-worth, and furthermore what I want in terms of strength. While writing about the subject I wanted to be personal but not depressing if that makes sense. That’s why I throw some on the nose lines such as “Simy have you lost your mind, Ain’t no more fists bumps on Adventure Time” just to paint that at that moment I was a child running away from growing up into an adult but not getting into a place that would would make you feel that sadness I did. This song should be inspiring for the ear to hear, it should be a song you listen to and at the end you’re like “wow, I feel a little better”.

Compared to your first release, how is “Runaway” an improvement? How have you developed as an artists?

I would definitely say compared to my first single which is “Harley Quinn”, this song “Runaway” is 100% different. Absolutely no correlation between the two besides being on the same album. And I made it like that on purpose. I wouldn’t say it’s more of an improvement than it is more personal. Where as “Harley Quinn” was a song to pay homage to one of my inspirations Nicki Minaj, “Runaway” was written for my own self reflection and strength. I will say that “Runaway” definitely helped shape the final 4 songs of my album “Lies”. And the song itself has helped people see there’s more to me than just fun, fast-paced rap.

For someone who has never seen you live, can you describe your live performance and stage presence?

Iconic. Whenever I touch a stage you’ll leave wanting more. You’ll want more songs, more context, you’ll want to ask more questions. Everything I do on a stage you’ll want more of because you don’t see mainstream rappers doing it unless it’s for a tour and if that. My stamina and maybe my age makes me able to give a full choreographed performance to the songs I perform. And I love teasing other songs in the middle or at the end of a song I’m performing to further push that idea of “wanting more” I want my audience to feel. I’m definitely a fan favorite and I’m not trying to sound cocky ,but I know my work ethic with any performance I do. And I never give anything except my best.

What drives you to create new songs?

I wouldn’t say anything specific I just love music. It’s been a part of my life since I was a preteen and making music comes as naturally as breathing air. Even to the point I work on multiple projects at once. While writing my album “Lies” I was working on my EP that I plan to release in June and before that I was working on “Lies” while working on a SoundCloud album. Again my work ethic is ridiculous at times. The only time I’ll stop writing new songs is if my hands are physically gone.


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