Sincerely Craig Brings Heart and Soul to Rock and Roll with “Downstream”

Sincerely Craig is a Vancouver-based duo that combines metal, rock and acoustic genres to create an energetic sound that’s never been heard before. Sasha is the lead vocalist and bassist and David is a multi-instrumentalist. Together, Sasha and David fuse their many musical talents resulting in a powerful vibrancy that fills every stage they perform on. Sincerely Craig is best known for their mighty vocal abilities and passionate stage presence.

Their newest release “Downstream” kicks off as a gentle acoustic song that has a hint of a country vibe. Before their audience can get comfortable with that, David joins Sasha for the vocals and “Downstream” quickly turns rock and roll. Sincerely Craig incorporates their heavy metal vibes into their dynamic instrumental presence. David rails on the drums and the electric guitar as Sasha shows off her unique riffs on the bass guitar. The duo effortlessly sways between the multiple energies of “Downstream;” from its quirky acoustic nonchalance to its hardcore rock and roll. Both Sasha and David have innate vocal abilities that they show off in “Downstream.” After listening to Sincerely Craig’s clever blend of some of the best genres, you will surely be awaiting more songs from this dynamic duo.

Listen to "Downstream" here.