Singer/Songwriter Charlie Mcfarlane Releases His Debut Heart-Wrenching Single “Blind”

Born and raised in Glasgow Scotland and moving down under to Australia, singer/songwriter Charlie McFarlane releases his debut heartfelt single “Blind”. With the release of his latest single, Charlie McFarlane is ready to carve his path into the music industry. Already taking it by the horns, his single “Blind” captures vibrant instrumentals and Charlie McFarlane’s clear-cut and luminous vocals. It’s hard to ignore his structured talent, as his debut single gives us a deeper look into his mind and lets our hearts singalong with his. Singing with poise and strength, he portrays that relatable and overwhelming feeling of losing control when it all goes south.

Beginning with serene acoustic guitar, “Blind” takes a heartwarming start with Charlie McFarlane and his soothing instrumentals. With painful lyrics that sing heavy woes of being lost in a rut and not being able to find his way out. After the first chorus, the track's instrumentation begins to incorporate a gut-wrenching kick to support the sincere message. Charlie McFarlane thoroughly showcases his layered songwriting on “Blind”, bringing forward lyrics that let you step away and think. With haunting background vocals that enhance the heartfelt atmosphere, “Blind” is an incredibly progressive track that rises up to well-rounded instrumentals with griping drum patterns and Charlie McFarlane’s fresh talent. His debut single “Blind” is definitely a track to give a listen to.

Check out "Blind" here.

Hey Charlie McFarlane, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re very excited to feature your passionate debut single “Blind”. Could you expand on where you found inspiration to write the deep and soulful track “Blind”?

When I was writing Blind I wanted to take listeners on a journey with me. I wanted them to feel the real emotion that I put into the song. It’s about how I became oblivious to how bad things were going for me at one stage of my life. It takes you on my journey from one of my last days in Scotland to the point where I packed up my whole life and left for a better life in Australia.

We're heard that you were born and raised in Glasgow, but moved to Australia and made a home there. Have your environmental musical influences shifted since you’ve moved from Scotland to Australia? How did the move impact Charlie McFarlane’s musical career?

I’ve been living in Australia for over three years now. I love everything about Australia apart from summer, its way too hot for me! My musical influences certainly haven’t changed although the artists who I love aren’t as well known down under. The Australian music scene is brilliant and I’ve definitely become a fan of many Australian artists such as Matt Corby and Vance Joy.

When I moved here I didn’t sing or have the confidence to try and pursue a career in music but the persistence of my very supportive girlfriend convinced me I was good enough to give it a go and I haven’t looked back. It’s been a great journey so far and I’ve really enjoyed gigging. I feel like I gain more confidence with each gig. Anyone would have had a great laugh watching me at my first gig, I was shaking like a leaf!

With your latest debut single “Blind”, Charlie McFarlane gives us a thorough look at your overall sound and music. What made you run with “Blind”, and release it as your debut single rather than any other song you’ve been working on?

Blind was the first song I wrote of them all and the one that I definitely enjoyed listening to and connected with the most. It was also the easiest to write. I have listened to it whilst making it far too often to enjoy it now, but I am really happy with how it turned out. I have been lucky to meet a highly talented musician, Lars Andersson in Brisbane, who I make the songs with, and he makes it very easy for me by providing amazing instrumentals. We have a lot more music in the works to be released in the future that we are both excited about.

Charlie McFarlane’s single “Blind” offers clear and emotional lyrics that tug at our heartstrings. Could you elaborate on what helps your approach to songwriting, and how you lay down your thoughts to effective lyrics?

The best way for me to write songs is to just tell the story and put myself back in the situation that I’m writing about. I don’t think too hard about it - when I do, it doesn’t go too well.

I think songwriting, like anything, is something you get better at the more you do it. I have some songs in my notepad on my phone that is so utterly pathetic and cringeworthy it's hysterical. I also got the advice to write as many songs as possible no matter how bad and by around song 10 I should have a good one in there somewhere.