Singer/Songwriter Jenn DeSantis is Moving Us With Her Latest Hit “Every Part of Me”

Singer/songwriter, pianist and producer, Jenn DeSantis, is back with her heartfelt new song, “Every Part of Me”. Jenn’s vocal stylings have been influenced by such icons as; Stevie Nicks, Freddie Mercury, Melissa Etherbridge, Fiona Apple, and other vocalists/musicians. Jenn began playing piano by ear at the age of two. She imitated her brother without yet realizing her own talent. Jenn continues to draw inspiration from church choirs and to rocking out to her father’s Classic Rock collection. More recently, Jenn DeSantis released her debut EP titled, 'Chromatic Heart'. This song contains delicate themes of romance, intimacy, strong emotions, and vulnerability.

Her hit, “Every Part of Me” captures themes of longing for a deeper connection with someone, and doing soul searching to find it. The song begins with subtle violin strings and delicate, yet moving piano chord progressions. Jenn DeSantis portrays incredibly meaningful and heartfelt imagery with lyrics like, “I wanna be the smile when you’re jaded, I wanna be your home”. The song gradually builds to a well-rounded emotive track with a variety of supporting strings, while perfectly harmonizing with each high pitched violin note. Jenn DeSantis has created an extremely vulnerable and genuine song and is an artist to follow.

Listen to “Every Part of Me” by Jenn DeSantis here.