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Singer Songwriter Riley Whittaker Takes Our Breath Away With New Single "See Right Through"

Riley Whittaker is a vocalist who knows how to deliver a song to its full capacity. With her modulated comforting voice, she has this special ability to make you feel like you’ve been missing a vocal tone like hers, without even realizing it! It translates well through her memorable music such as the release of her absorbing single “See Right Through”.

“See Right Through” has a melody that’s catchy and addicting to the point where you want to hear it all over again. Riley’s voice becomes more honeyed which creates the whole mystic vibe the song has. What I interpreted from “See right through” is that Riley is starting to look at the transparency in someone who she has somewhat of an interest in.

This song has a unique context where it could be interpreted in any way you feel is most fitting and appropriate for the metaphorical storytelling lyricism. Riley conveys passionate emotion while singing a love story quite different from the typical. Riley is in no doubt a rising star with significant amount of talent to share to the world.

Listen to "See Right Through" here and get to know Riley in our interview below!

Riley mind telling us a little bit about where you are from and your upbringing?

I'm from a small town in Arizona called Sedona. I grew up here with just me, my mom, and dad, and two dogs. My family has always been extremely supportive when it came to my love of music, and they do so much to help me pursue my hopes, and dreams. 

“See Right Through You” has a riveting instrumental, do you take credit in the instrumentals in "See Right Through You"?

The electric guitar solo in "See Right Through," is me playing electric guitar. Although the drums and bass are done by Blake Vadasy, who produced the song. 

What inspired you to write “See Right Through You” ?

"See Right Through," was one of those songs that just kind of flowed together. I started writing it one day, and then later that month I got a new electric guitar. I started playing around with the song and the electric guitar, and it all just came together. 

If you can dedicate this single to anybody of your choice who would you select and why?

I wouldn't dedicate this song to any specific person. I would say it's a message to anyone about people in the world who think what they are doing is the right way to do things. It's saying that everyone should have the freedom to express their own opinions. 

What’s next for you?

Coming up I have multiple gigs, I'm applying to many auditions, playing at local festivals and I'm playing at a private event. I have quite a few original songs, and I'm hoping to record another one of my originals soon, and work towards an album. 


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