Singer/Songwriter Somogyi tells all about her new song "Got No Doubt"

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Hey Somogyi! It's such a pleasure to have you here! "Got No Doubt" is definitively passionate, with such an eclectic, yet modern take on production. How did you intend to connect with your listeners with this particular track?! Tell us more about the meaning of the lyrics within the song!

Well, thank you! I’m honored you dig it! “Got No Doubt” is definitely one of my favorite songs I’ve released so far. I’m glad to hear you appreciate the production and sound because it was a little home-studio endeavor with a friend of mine, so thank you! The song “Got No Doubt” actually became my first little “hit” you could say, at least here in my local music scene for a little artist like myself. The song connected with a lot of listeners, and it was actually my first song to ever get actual radio airplay! I remember feeling like a rockstar at the time, haha, but the listeners seemed to really connect with the song and the lyrics. I think people were drawn to it so much because it was something different, and fresh at the time, something people had never really heard before. I was pretty humbled by how well it was received!

When it comes to the meaning behind the lyrics of the song, well it’s about love, what else would it be about right?

I actually wrote the song and lyrics after being inspired by a guy I had just met, who I had only hung out with a couple of times. I often write songs about romantic feelings, because those feelings just bring out good songs I guess. We knew we liked each other, but my feelings at the time were strong enough to find the inspiration for “Got No Doubt”. The lyrics talk about how I had “no doubt in my mind, I want to give you all my time”, referring to him, but it also says, “I know we just met, and this could be hasty,” so it’s a song about taking a chance on love I guess you could say.

Really though, it’s about the people or passions and desires in life that we want to pursue and dedicate our time to, those things that get us excited when we wake up in the morning.

“Got No Doubt” was about love for me, but it can apply to dreams, goals, or aspirations really.

It’s just a song about falling fast in love, taking a chance and just going for it; about laying it all on the line and not being afraid to be vulnerable.

What would you say is the most useful piece of criticism you’ve received thus far within your career? Do you typically take criticism to your advantage?

I love criticism. It’s how we get better, how we improve. I would be lost without it. The most useful piece of criticism I’ve ever received, to this day, is a comment from a local radio host who I admire and respect dearly. The critique was simply this: “You just need to be weird; get a little weirder”, it was something along those lines. The reason this piece of criticism is one I hold so dear to my heart is that it helped shape my perspective on how to really connect with fans. I realized that I needed to just be myself actually, which sounds cliché I know. It’s not though, really. It’s because I am actually weird, so I took his advice as him really saying to “be me” when he said to “be weird". Also, at that time in my musical journey, I think I definitely got sucked into the pressure of needing to have a certain image as an artist, some image I thought was expected of me as a female in the music industry. For instance, I hate wearing makeup or tight clothing, but I did when I played shows, and I put on my “serious musician face” for pictures, or I guess my attempt at a sexy but also, “I’m a serious musician” face. Needless to say, his advice helped me to scrap that approach and just be my weirdo self in all its weirdo glory, which involved smiling more and talking about my thoughts about the world more, and this crazy thing called life. It involved not trying so hard to impress anyone. I think I still have improvements to make in that regard, because I’m still fearful sometimes of really sharing all of my weird, crazy thoughts, and branding them into a part of my image as an artist, but I’m working on it.

Do you believe living in North Texas benefits your artistry? Why or why not?

I definitely believe living in North Texas benefits my artistry! In fact, probably the biggest local news source here in Dallas, called Dallas Observer, just released a huge story today about a local radio station, KXT Radio, because it’s their 10th anniversary this month. Anyways, the piece is all about the North Texas music scene, and how it’s booming right now, and it’s filled with commentary from uprising artists out of North Texas talking about how KXT radio and North Texas have been the platform to the liftoff of their careers.

I’m one of many local artists to get radio airplay on their station. They’re a big deal in North Texas, so I get excited about it, but yes, the North Texas music scene is thriving and there’s tons of opportunity to climb the ladder of the music industry even here in little old Dallas-Fort Worth. This area isn’t typically an area that first comes to mind when people think of music towns; places where musicians run off to for their big break, like LA, Nashville, Austin, etc. Nonetheless, “little d” and “big D” (Denton and Dallas respectively) and Fort Worth are starting to make waves in the national music scene and I’m excited to be a part of it!

You have an impressive musical repertoire! We really loved listening to "Hopeless Romantic" as a whole. What was the overall concept of this release? How long was this project in the making?

Wow! I’m super humbled you guys enjoyed the whole EP! The EP was never my endeavor when it all started actually. It started when I met someone at an open mic, now long-time friend, who heard me perform and was impressed. After my set, he came up to me and introduced himself, and asked me if I wanted to record some of my tunes. I was open to making waves any way I could, so I jumped at the opportunity! Originally we set out just to record one song, which became the song “T.MI.” on the EP. Eventually, we that turned into two more tracks over the next few months, from October 2015 to March 2016, and those two songs were “Magic Voodoo” and “Wait For You”. Then starting back up in April of 2016 until July of 2016, we finished up the rest of the EP after I came to him with a few more songs I had written. I told him how I wanted to record the other songs I had, and then put them all together into an EP, and thus was born my debut EP, Hopeless Romantic.

The title track “Hopeless Romantic” was the last and final song written and recorded for the EP, and was the inspiration behind the overall concept for the whole EP itself. The lyrics of the song “Hopeless Romantic” talk about how I fall in love too easily, or too quickly and how that was a fault of mine. If you listen to the lyrics it says “I know don’t need anybody, but I know something must be wrong with me”, and then later into the chorus saying “I just wanna be yours forever,” almost jokingly, but seriously at the same time. The whole EP I’ve always said is a jab at my own faults and how much of a “Hopeless Romantic” I am, but at the end of the song it reveals how I’m actually accepting of that fact, and how I embrace that fact as a part of what makes me who I am.

The end of the song says, “I’m hopeless romantic...and I’m living for love and that’s it. I’m not afraid to admit, that I’m living for love and that’s it”. It’s a brave take on roasting your own faults, but also embracing them. As a whole, the EP Hopeless Romantic is a story about naivety, love, vulnerability, and being accepting of the human side of us that makes us feel things, have desires and want love in our lives.

It was a treat being able to showcase “Got No Doubt” on BuzzMusic! We can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us as listeners! What’s the next goal for you artistically within the music world?

Well, I released another little EP last December, called Sideways Dreams, but my goal at the time was to record a full-length album which turned out to be a rather ambitious endeavor for me at the time, so it became little, 4 song EP.

So, I guess my next goal would be to build my name up a little more and maybe get the means to record a debut LP and do it right! I have so many ideas, and I just want a chance to record them!

Ultimately I’d love to have a career putting out records and touring. Even if I don’t make it big, I don’t really need that, I just want to have a career doing what I love, which is writing and performing music!

I really appreciate getting to talk to you guys a bit about my story and I hope that your platform can become a part of the bigger story of my musical journey down the line; and maybe someday I can look back and say ‘man I’m so glad I got to interview with Buzzfeed, because my career really took off soon after that’, or something like that. I see every opportunity that comes my way as a little piece of a bigger story, a story that is my life, and because I’m a dreamer full of ambition, I just know that story is going to have a really good ending somehow, and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

Listen to Somogyi here!