Single By Sunday Releases New Song "Year 3000"

UK based pop-punk band Single By Sunday is taking the world by storm. Formed in 2015, this four-piece have accomplished quite a bit in a short period of time. Josh Ladds (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jonny Eakins (backing vocals, lead guitar), Jack Black (bass), and James Madison (drums) are known for their energetic and lively songs, as well as their fun vibrant hair.

Single By Sunday often referred to as the ‘love child of Blink 182 and Green Day’ released their debut EP in 2015, followed by three subsequent EPs and numerous singles. Their most recent release is a cover song of Busted’sYear 3000’. Single By Sunday has taken a classic pop-punk song and put their unique spin on it with the famously upbeat and catchy sound they are known for. You can’t help but rock out when listening to ‘Year 3000’ as the band uses upbeat and exciting melodies to bring this song to life. The fresh approach Single By Sunday take to this cover breathes a new and invigorating sound into the song that dare I say is more enjoyable than the original. Keep your eye on Single By Sunday as they are sure to be blowing up the internet with their fun and animated music.

Check out "Year 3000" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What's the story behind "Single By Sunday".

Our story is pretty simple really; we don't tell anyone the meaning behind the name. The band got together when Jonny wanted to start a band. He knew Josh from school, although they didn't actually talk or connect at the time. Josh always says that he found Jonny a bit annoying when he was at school, nothing's changed really. Jonny knew that the band that Josh was with at the time were on the verge of splitting up so in a nice way he kind of stalked Josh until the split happened. At that point, they started jamming out a few cover ideas and that's how the embryo of the band was started. Jonny was also at music college when he met Jack Black (yes that's his real name). Similar to Josh, Jack was in a band, but again, Jonny knew that they weren't doing a whole heap, so he began to stalk Jack (like only Jonny can). He (Jonny) always said that although he can play Bass, Jack is better than him and plus he prefers to play lead Guitar. Jonny was in a band with the original drummer but they both considered that that band was really doing a lot so fast forward a little while and that drummer became the original Single By Sunday drummer. However, after a few years, it turned out that it wasn't for him and so the band drafted in a replacement drummer; James.  We love that Single By Sunday is known as 'the love child of Blink 182 and Green Day'. How did this come about? Haha, this wasn't our tag line. We went to 'Indie Week' in Toronto, Canada and won the 'Best Emerging International Artist' award.... thank you very much.

It was one of the Indie Week bookers that actually blessed us with the 'love child' compliment but we'll take it any day of the week. Blink 182 and Green Day are both two of our idols and have done some great stuff. However, we like to believe that we've taken their brand of 'Pop Punk' and kind of created our own; 'melodic pop-punk'. We're using a lot more melodies and synths etc. We also like to throw in some of our other musical influences, like some heavier break downs, a bit of Reggae, maybe a bit of screamo, etc. We're really scared of being pigeonholed because we like and believe that we can play different genres and still be 'Single By Sunday'. We loved your new single "Year 3000". What inspired the band to write this? Well, unfortunately, we didn't write it, haha. It's a cover version. The original was done by 'Busted' in the UK but the US remembers it being done by the 'Jonas Brothers'. We're just paying tribute to a really good pop song. The original version was a lot slower than our version, in fact, the Jonas Brothers version was also a lot slower but we play it at a faster tempo in our live shows so we just thought to keep it and record it like that. Thanks for thinking that we wrote it though. For someone who hasn't seen your live performance, how would you describe Single By Sunday's live show? Do you have any upcoming tour dates you'd like to share with us? A typical 'Single By Sunday' show involves a lot of jumping around, for us and for the audience. We're not 'shoegazers'. We've always said that we want to be the band that brings a lot of energy to the stage, to our shows. The kind of music that we play doesn't really lend itself to inactivity. Fans never know if they'll stay in the audience or get the chance to jump on stage with us. We're not a political band but we're not scared or ashamed to say how we feel. We're not scared of being pop but at the same time when we played the 'Vans Warped' tour, we proved that we could 'show out' with some of the heavier boys......and girls. As for upcoming shows, we recently finished our headline UK tour called 'Three Times Louder' and we sold out 4 of the 5 dates...yay! There's no rest for the wicked though, we're finishing off the 'Year 3000' video which we've designed and animated ourselves along with our videographer Darren Girvan and good friend Joanne Gibson. We're heading back to the US at the mid/end of February for some college shows before coming back for a big seven-week tour of Germany before again heading back to the US for more promo and some more shows. What can we expect to see from Single By Sunday throughout 2020? You can expect to see more of the same from us, really. Lots of hard work, shows, promo, more releases, more videos and hopefully more touring. That's what we really thrive on; playing live. A show is a show, the more the better. Hopefully, we'll get to increase our profile; pretty much what we've been doing for the past few years, so hopefully, people will take the time to check us out.