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Sink Into a Song With a Message on Beth Macari's, "Gotta Get Back"

Beth Macari’s journey has been a diverse one so far, with the Geordie soul singer already having a wealth of experience under her belt before embarking on her solo career.

After spending two years on the road with Loose Women star Jane McDonald, Beth fronted the house band on Sky One’s celebrity panel show Bring The Noise, where she performed alongside Melanie C, Tinie Tempah, Anne Marie, and Nicole Scherzinger.

A brief stint with the Manchester Camerata orchestra on their Motown & Northern Soul tour followed before Beth Macari headed back to her native Newcastle Upon Tyne to focus on her own music.

With a love of Soul and Motown always at the forefront of her sound, she fuses her old school roots with the contemporary flavors of R&B, Dance, and Pop to create a diverse sonic palette of sounds from every decade.

Taking our attention to the delicate resonance that tiptoes from her most recent single, “Gotta Get Back,” the angelic croons of Beth Macari serenade our speakers with luscious vocal runs straight in the realm of her Jazz infused Pop quintessence.

The impact that lingers in the sparsity of the drum patterns sets a rhythmic tempo for us to effortlessly float into the grooves. With each reverse cymbal hit adding that extra oomph to take us into the mesmerizing chorus that we can’t seem to shake, “Gotta Get Back,” has us chanting along to the euphonious spirit seeping from Beth Macari’s vocal performance.

Lyrical motifs in the form of questions grace our speakers as Beth Macari inquires on such thoughts like, ‘how did we go wrong?’ Provoking thoughts of our own, we can’t help but get lost in a mindset that paints a narrative of breaking free from a situation that urges us to question our worth. Echoing the relatability that seamlessly takes control in this dreamy soundscape, we’re all for the courage that is bolstered into each word articulated.

Beth Macari knows exactly how to navigate a song so her listeners can follow the journey she powerfully sets into place. With praise from big names such as Nicole Scherzinger and Gaby Roslin, it’s no wonder that she is garnering the attention she works hard for.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Beth Macari. With such a solid message laced into “Gotta Get Back,” how did you embrace the creative process for this single?

The song was honestly so much fun to write, I felt a real sense of empowerment throughout the whole process. It was just about enjoying what we were creating and we weren’t going to stop till we were 100% happy and proud of what we had made. I’m lucky that time felt limitless, with being able to do it all at my own studio, It meant I could be as creative and fussy as I wanted.

What does this track say about you as an artist and individual? What are you hoping your listeners take away from it?

It’s said that I love anything with a soul, that I write from the heart, and that I’m currently finding inspiration in 90s RnB music. I hope it makes them feel uplifted! As much as the song stems from a story of a bad relationship, it’s meant to be empowering and focus on the message of self-love and the power that comes from overcoming something bad and being able to turn it into something great! Could you please share who helped to make the soundscape of “Gotta Get Back,” come to life?

This is actually the first single where I have done everything from my own studio, just myself and my drummer/long-time best mate PhilTheBeat. We wrote, recorded & produced the single, and then shot the single cover and music video using my iPhone! I can’t deny it was a challenge, but we laughed and smiled all the way through and are so proud of what we created. Receiving praise and acknowledgment from such big names, have you ever taken any advice from such personalities that have helped shape the sound we know and love from you?

Yeh, so many times! I’ve been so lucky to perform alongside such amazing artists and hearing them speak so kindly of me is still surreal to me. I take on board everything I am praised and criticized for, and I hope I can keep growing as an artist and learning from those who inspire me. The best advice I’ve ever been given is to ‘always be me’, there have been times where I’ve doubted myself and my music, worried I didn’t fit in, but I try to just be me and unapologetically. I believe that is the most important thing! What can we expect to see next?

I have just finished wrapping up my next two singles, which again bring inspiration from 90s RnB mixed with modern soul. Then after that, it’s onto my debut album which I’ve been working on for some time now so I’m really excited to get that out to the world! :)



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