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Sink Into Ethereal Passion In Simply Brick’s New Single, “TY&A”

Hailing from Montreal's vibrant music scene, dream-alt two-piece Simply Brick blesses our speakers with a chilling and ethereal new ballad entitled "TY&A."

Simply Brick was formed in June 2020 in the Montreal music scene, comprising Ariel Bouchard on guitar and Corrina Fisches on bass and vocals. They create music based on their admiration for slow, dreamy sounds and punchy alternative rock vibes. Their self-proclaimed sound of "dream-alt" couldn't be more accurate.

The duo recently released they're dreamy new single entitled "TY&A." With deeply passionate yet introspective lyricism alongside the sweetest alternative arrangements we could ask for, Simply Brick delivers pure love and devotion effortlessly. Their gentle instrumentation, paired with their honest and highly relatable lyricism, is a true treat for the ears.

Diving into "TY&A," the experience opens with sweet bass licks that leap into a harmonious and dreamy alternative soundscape soaked in reverb guitars and lush percussion. Corrina's gentle vocals bless us with loving lyrics that pay tribute to someone's beauty, love, and grace while wishing they would vocalize their devotion and care.

All while Corrina serenades us with her velvety vocals, Ariel maintains the ethereal energy with her soothing electric guitar melodies that send us into a daydream. This is one of the most touching alternative ballads we've heard this year, and Simply Brick has no problem showing us their vulnerable side while naturally inviting listeners to relate. It's a cathartic experience bound to move mountains in any listener.

Simply Brick's new single, "TY&A," is the epitome of lush ballads that will stand the test of time. Find the captivating new single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Simply Brick. We're head over heels for the ethereal and passionate experience in your recent single, "TY&A." What inspired your duo to create this tender ballad?

One night, inspiration came upon Ariel, who wrote this composition entirely in just a few hours. She remembers vividly feeling a surge of inspiration, feeling the purest form of the emotion of unconditional love coming from an energetic depth that surpasses the physical dimension at the deepness of the soul. This energy had to be transmuted into a canvas of musical sound waves and lyrics. She says it is the most personal song she has ever written and the most profound creative process she’s ever experienced, reaching an almost spiritual height.

What was your duo's creative process like in the studio creating and recording "TY&A?" How did you bring the song to life?

Once Ariel had written the full composition, she came to Corrina with an idea for the chorus. She wanted them to sing together simultaneously, going in different harmonic directions. This song has many vocal layers, with Corrina underlining certain words and harmonizing, and in terms of the chorus, it is the first song Ariel sings. Corrina recorded the entire bass solo on her own at home. Ariel wanted it to sound dreamy and ethereal, which Matt Nozetz of Avebury Studios brought out with his excellent production, recording, and mixing skills. He was also the guest drummer on the song and helped us bring its soft dreamy ballad style to the utmost beauty by helping Ariel reach her auric vision with the guitar sound she had in mind. Two different tracks, one in each channel, create a spacious yet sparkly landscape.

How does "TY&A" contrast your previous singles? What makes this song stand out in your discography?

What makes TY&A different from our other songs because it is our first ballad and has the most vocal layers we have ever done. Corrina spent hours in the studio harmonizing and underlining certain words; if you listen carefully, you can hear all the different layers that Corrina sings separately. In addition, it is the first song Ariel sings for the first time, which can be heard in the chorus. Not only does the song have the most vocal layers, but it also has the most guitar layers and the sound of an old-fashioned postcard piano and hidden synth, which can be heard if you listen very carefully. It is like a hidden gem!

What impact did you want to leave on listeners after hearing "TY&A?" What thoughts or emotions did you want to evoke?

The impact we would like this song to have on our listeners is to feel the purest form of love they can integrate into their lives towards someone they love- not only romantically, but towards anyone, whether it be friends or family as well. This song signifies love to the beyond - with a slight emotion of melancholic longing, which depicts separation, whether through growing apart over time, a breakup, or ultimately an end we will all reach, such as death. As Ariel’s favorite poet, Khalil Gibran, wrote, “ Love knows not its depth until the hour of separation.” In other words, the melancholic emotion in this song represents how temporary, transient moments we will have with people we love, no matter what form of love, and thus, the uplifting emotions in the song try to capture the endless static love we have for someone, which will exist forevermore and no law in the universe can cease to end a well of love we felt for someone in this lifetime.

What was the most rewarding part about creating such a moving ballad like "TY&A?" What did your duo take away from the experience?

The most rewarding part of creating this song would be that it nourished our creativity. Ariel’s writing was so impactful that her creativity reached a spiritual experience. As for Corrina, all the vocal layers she added to the song expanded her vocal landscape to new heights. Furthermore, all the separate textures we added to this song of our instruments and vocals showed us how we can bring the colors of our sound to a most precise saturation - thus really painting a musical canvas with a multitude of hidden layers that each adds to the emotional textures of the song.


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