Sink Into Scorching Rock With Chase The Bear’s Single, “Underwater”

Coming in hot from Vancouver, British Columbia, is the six-piece rock band Chase The Bear with their newest high-energy and infectious anthem entitled "Underwater."

Originally hailing from the wild wilderness of Fort St. John, BC, Chase The Bear is vocalist Troy Gilmore, guitarists Leo Gilmore and Jordan Philips, drummer Connor Brooks, keyboardist Kevin Parker, and bassist Braedan Royer. Having opened for The Trews at the iconic Commodore Ballroom and performing over a hundred shows, Chase The Bear is only getting started.

Best known for mixing catchy hooks, roaring electric guitars, and hard-hitting rhythms, Chase The Bear brings all of that and more in their latest single, "Underwater." The new track is off the band's forthcoming album, Honey, and packs a heavy punch with infectious melodies and powerful electric guitar lines.

Produced by Danny Craig, the co-founder of innovative new Vancouver-based record label Rock Is Dead Records, "Underwater" kicks off with a powerful and playful chant that sets sail into a killer rock instrumental. This upbeat blazer of a single pack all the power, groove, and rhythm we could ask for in a modern rock tune, and it's evident that Chase The Bear has no problem delivering what listeners are craving.

The song's hook is infectious; the roaring melodies keep us locked in and chanting along with Chase The Bear as they continue blazing through the song with poise and composure. There's so much energy in this big and bold single, and if their upcoming album Honey is anything like this rager, then we're definitely in for a treat.

We invite you to experience the thrills and chills within Chase The Bear's killer new track, "Underwater," from their upcoming album, Honey. Find the new single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chase The Bear. We love the energy and anthemic vibe of your new single, "Underwater." What inspired your band to create this stellar rock anthem?

Leo: It's kind of hard to pin down a single source of inspiration for this song. The primary songwriters of this tune were writing about different things, but to our surprise, the two subjects meshed well with each other. Our singer Troy was writing lyrics about a serial killer while our bassist Brady was writing about climate change. I guess you could say the inspiration came from watching global climate change murder our planet and the sea life that resides Underwater.

What was your band's creative process like when in the studio creating and recording "Underwater?” What did that process look like between the six of you?

Brady: All of our best songs seem to come together quickly. It's a bit of a blur, but we wrote the song in two sessions. Connor nailed the vibe of the song when he added Jungle drums to the verse, giving it that driving rhythm. Danny took it over the top behind the board, asking for louder, dirtier guitars and heavier drum fills. Troy screamed like a banshee, as always. I

Would you say that "Underwater" is a solid representation of your band's sound and style? How can listeners get to know your band better through this single?

Leo: Absolutely, this song definitely signifies the high-energy rock n roll we love to play! With soaring vocals, gritty guitars, and bombastic drum fills, this song is a strong example of the kind of music you can expect from Chase the Bear. It is a little more political than our usual output. Fans and listeners alike will all be able to get to know us better through this song because it's about a topic that is close to our hearts. The state of the world is changing rapidly, and sometimes we can’t help but feel like we are helpless and just waiting for someone to do something to save us.

How does "Underwater" prepare listeners for what's to come on your upcoming album, Honey? Could you drop any hints about the new album?

Leo: Being one of the heaviest songs on the track list, it’s a great opening statement to say here we are, we’re loud as hell; it is the perfect introduction to the kind of rock n roll you can expect from Chase the Bear. I don’t want to give too much away about the album (our record execs might not like that), BUT the upcoming album has a very wide variety of genres, everything from rock n roll to reggae. We even have a couple of tunes you could slow dance to. The album is set to release sometime in the spring of 2023 and consists of 12 tracks. We are also planning on releasing the album on a limited run of vinyl … that might be a little too much info, so ill stop there.

What's next for you?

Leo: Next couple of things we are looking at after the single drops are the release of the music video, which we are all VERY excited for, and the release of a few more singles, leading into the big release of our album Honey in 2023. We are also on the hunt to play as many shows as humanly possible, doing some US tours, maybe some cross-Canada tours if the weather permits, all while writing our next album. We are definitely excited to get back in the studio and start working on our next batch.