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Sink Into the Passionate Depths of Shah's Latest Single, "Sunset Season"

Hailing from Scarborough, Canada, the r&b/soul artist, and singer-songwriter Shah teams up with vocalist Maria-Therese for their latest passionate and dreamy single, "Sunset Season."

Known for his soulful and passionate vocal delivery, Shah has been setting the bar higher for fellow Toronto-hailing artists. With popular singles like "Balcony Blues" and "Barely Nostalgia" that have garnered over 10k streams, Shah is quickly making a name for himself across his city.

Now releasing his soothing and soulful tune, "Sunset Season," Shah and Maria-Therese open their hearts to serenade us with the utmost emotion and desire. Not to mention the song's dreamy and hazy r&b production; we genuinely feel lifted and refreshed after listening to such a smooth and velvet-like single.

Expanding on the single, "Sunset Season," the song peacefully opens with a soothing electric guitar melody alongside a tender acoustic guitar picking its way to our hearts. As Shah makes his breathy and melodic vocal appearance, he begins to serenade us with pure passion and devotion through each heartfelt and honest lyric.

As Maria-Therese joins in on the hook, she backs up Shah's lead vocal with her transcendent harmonies and angelic tones that float us above this stratosphere. Not to mention both artists yearning to find someone's love and admiration, Shah and Maria-Therese wear their hearts on their sleeves while grooving alongside the smooth sonics and organic instrumentation. As both artists lead us to the song's end, they leave us with this refreshing and calming sensation jam-packed with emotion and pure love.

Plunge into the passionate depths of Shah and Maria-Therese's latest single, "Sunset Season," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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