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Sink Into The Vibe of Part Time Love Affair's Latest Hit, "SOS"

Chicago-based producer and musician Part Time Love Affair gets us in the groove with a smooth, passionate, and soulful single entitled "SOS."

Part Time Love Affair is an extension of Matt Marge's love for the independent music creating process. His thorough and creative approach has led him to embrace his laptop as a recording studio, delving into vintage instruments and equipment while working with like-minded and talented collaborators.

More recently, Part Time Love Affair took us on a different love affair with his latest single, "SOS." The song is more than groovy, as everything from the basslines to the smooth vocals pour through our speakers like a needed rainfall. What's all the more intriguing is the song's underlying sensual and passionate tone, truly allowing the listener to feel every inch of love that Part-Time Love Affair has to offer.

Jumping into the single, "SOS," the track kicks off with Part Time Love Affair's old-fashioned organ samples that drop into a mid-tempo and soulful drum arrangement. As the vocalist begins to shine through like a bright beam of sun, he begins to serenade us with incredible passion, soul, and desire. We can't get enough of Part Time Love Affair's dense and well-rounded production, as it transcends us above this stratosphere and into bliss.

This track reminds us of something that Anderson. Paak would create, as the limitless soul and funky undertones leave us in a state of wonder. Not to mention Part Time Love Affair's ability to create a vibe and a half, we're more than impressed with the entirety of this passionate and sensual tune, as it leaves us in need of more tunes like this.

Experience Part Time Love Affair's skilled and soulful production in a new single, "SOS," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Part Time Love Affair. What a thorough and passionate listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "SOS." When did you begin executing ideas for this track? How long was it in the making?

Producing "SOS" was really interesting because the original song by artist McClenny has this guitar-driven energy that reminded me of Prince. I said to myself "I love this song, but what if the Soulquarians produced it? What would that feel like?"

What inspired you to create such a soulful, funky, and passionate tune like "SOS?" Were there any moments or experiences that helped bring the song to life?

The key for me was my drumming and the unique samples that I chose to create the intro of the track. Once I had that intro loop, the rest of the track fell into place in a very organic way.

Who is the talented featured vocalist in "SOS?" Did you have a say in the song's lyric writing process? Or were the lyrics written by the featured artist?

Working with Walker (lead vocalist) has been really exciting for me artistically because he's just that good! I do music, but I DO NOT sing haha!

How do songs like "SOS" represent you and your sound? Do you normally delve into such soulful and groovy sounds like this?

Part Time Love Affair is all about creating soulful music with friends. I am excited because my project allows for different players and artists to come in and create as ONE collective sound. Being a drummer first, my future releases will always be soulful with a palpable groove.


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