Sinner Gets Vulnerable With Latest Release:“Someday”

Sinner is an 18-year-old rapper who was born in Mission Viejo, California but moved to Texas at the age of 10. By his sophomore year in high school, he was cheated on which triggered a dark time in his life. He found music as an escape for him and it helped him through the dark times he endured.  Once he healed and moved on into another relationship, he was cheated on yet again by another girl which sent Sinner into a downward spiral of depression that summer. All of these heavy emotions led to the beautiful songwriting of Sinner. The first song he recalls opening up about his feelings was in his single “Off The Pills”. This was a song where he discussed his love for drugs at that time for 6 months when he realized it wasn’t needed anymore to make him happy. Sinner then met another girl, and things felt a little bit brighter for the artist. She kept him in school and out of trouble, keeping him happy until too many arguments led to a devastating break up for Sinner. Sinner experienced more and more blows to his emotions while finding music as an outlet to express himself.

Sinner Released his single titled “Someday” and this song felt extremely vulnerable. Listening to the lyrics feel as if you’re entering the mind of Sinner on a more in-depth and deeper level. Many many people in this world will be able to relate to Sinner and it’s great he’s using his music as an outlet to express himself. “Someday” was a gorgeous song with a powerful open-hearted theme. There were artists like XXXTentacion and Lil Peep who I feel represented a culture of hip-hop that’s widely ignored. The people who go through day to day suffering, who just looking for an honest artist to vent the emotions for them. Sinner fits right into that category with his strong and authentic presence. He doesn’t hide his emotions in “Someday”, instead he lays it on his sleeve. That represented a level of strength to me. Sinner is a ground-breaking artist with a significant amount of substance to his artistry that makes “Someday” a trail-blazing hit.

Give a listen to "Someday" here, and continue reading for Sinner's personalized interview.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sinner! Let’s talk about your upbringing! Before discovering music, did you have any other hobbies for yourself?

Before music I was a huge gamer. I would play video games all night and sleep during

class! I even had a YouTube channel that I managed to get 100 subscribers. I know it Isn’t a lot, but less than 1% of YouTube channels have over 100 subscribers. The channel ranged from gameplay too life stories, and towards the end vlogs. I was also heavily involved in baseball. When I was 12 years old I was in a tournament for state, in Texas. I would also write my own short stories. Most of them were horror, but they never really took off. My classmates did say that they liked it. I ventured into some poetry, and stuck with that for awhile. This eventually sparked my desire to make music. I already had some writing under my belt, plus I wasn’t new to posting to the internet.

Knowing your music is heavily reflected on your personal life experiences. What are some challenges you may face in writing a song? Has it ever been tough for you to channel in certain emotions?

I have always been an emotional guy, which was both a blessing and a curse. I would become very lovely, but also hit rock bottom. Some challenges I face when writing is trying to project my feelings into words. Most of the things I feel cannot be put in words. All of my music has a purpose, so I try to write my soul on the pages. I also face putting too much into a song. There has been plenty of times where I have to cut out huge portions of the songs to fit the beat length. In the beginning it was hard for me to channel my emotions. There was just  so much I wanted to say, in such little time. I eventually found out how to just stick to one story/emotion and write about it. Learning to open up was hard for me, because I was so used to being closed off.

“Someday” had a strong lyrical presence to it. What was the theme behind this record? What motivated you to write this?

The theme wasn’t something I thought of beforehand, but I would say it is internal and external conflict. I talk about how others are blocking me and telling me I can’t do it in the first verse. Then in the second I get more into my own problems. I was saying that someday I will be fine. I wrote this because at the time I was dealing with some things. I was battling myself and others. As I was writing, I was having a group of people constantly texting me saying stuff. It ranged from my music all the way to personal problems. It was affecting me to the point where I just wanted to sit in my room and write. So, that's what I did. I wanted to make a song that was therapeutic to me, and would help others. I was just clearing my thoughts going through past events, and how I felt through them. As well as how I was feeling in the moment.

What lyrics in “Someday” would you say is the most impactful for the meaning of the song and why?

I think the most impactful lyrics in the song are either “memories I wish were dead” or “Somethings wish were never said. Wishing they were lies instead.” “Memories I wish were dead” is a feeling we all have. There are some things we get past, and some we can’t. They just lay dormant in the back of our heads. Constantly reminding us. I have a lot of those, and I knew a lot of people could relate to it. It ties into the next set of lyrics I find to be impactful as well, “Somethings wish were never said. Wishing they were lies instead”, we all have those things that someone told you and it hurt. I have felt the worst pains of my life from that. I wish they would have just lied to save my feelings, but at the same time I don’t. Everyone has been both lied to, and someone telling the truth. Usually the lies turn to pain, but you are spared from the beginning. This would hit a lot of people, and I knew that problem as well.

What’s next for you Sinner?

I'm going to be honest, I am a smaller artist and I just want to steady growth. If I could hit over 50k streams on all platforms that would be surreal, along with some buzz in the music world. Catching a label’s interest wouldn’t be too bad either. I know there is a bunch of improvements I need to act upon, and I plan on doing so. This year in July, July 10th to be exact, will mark a year of Sinner making his mark on the world. So, now I know I have the endurance, it's just a matter of time. I would like to do more shows, I had my first 6/9, possibly gain more fans this year as well. Time will tell where I go, and I have a good feeling about this year


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