Sip on a Heated Potion of, "Amor Toxico"

Nilson Junior Ibert, professionally known as Nelly Nelz is currently among the most emblematic figures of the Latin Trap Scene in New York, a danceable and sensual genre for which he has reached several controversies for his content that deserves a viewer’s discretion.

In his hometown of the Dominican Republic, Nelly Nelz lived there until he was 7 years old, later immigrating to New York City where his mother came in search of a better future for Nelly Nelz and his brother.

Since then Nelly Nelz reaps the success from several notable tracks with his most recent single "Amor Toxico," featuring Yoli Mayoli making some major waves worldwide.

Tapping into the promiscuous resonance that emanates larger-than-life energy in a heated exchange in both Spanish and English, both Nelly Nelz and Yoli Mayoli return a sultry dialogue in the way that they fluidly ooze an unmatched charisma towards one another.

The enticing instrumentation lures you in with its bass-heavy components setting the tempo in a simmering atmosphere of stimulating timbres. The universe that we’re exposed to has us fully immersed in the effects of the vitality radiated in “Amor Toxico.” Translating to Toxic Love in English, the steamy energy that disburses from the melodic components delves into a unique realm of Hip-hop that is breaking through the soundwaves of today’s day and age.

Sprinkling a Pop flavor onto the Trap-inspired cadences fluently rode by Nelly Nelz, we continue to sing the words after the melodies come to a halt and we return to our acquainted universe of reality. Effortlessly showcasing their unapologetic personas, we know that Nelly Nelz and Yoli Mayoli bring out the best in one another as we gush over their unforgettable dynamism in “Amor Toxico.”

Congratulations on the release of, “Amor Toxico,” featuring Yoli Mayoli. You two