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Sir J And Ambeeka’s “I Be Sic” Is A Mesmerising Track With Raw Sound

Sir J is from Florida and Ambeeka is a Los Angeles native who have come together with the mindset of BAPS University – Bangin Ass Proper Shit – to create music as organic and in the moment in every way while raising a family. “I Be Sic” is the first single off of the upcoming album O.A.F (Organic as F*ck) Vol. 3.

“I Be Sic” is a boppin’ new track that is mixed with very organic sounds and a supple blend of genres. Starting off with bongos, and funky monkey sounding noises with the gradual additions of lyrics and numerous other instruments. The musical sound of “I Be Sic” reminds me of the style that Sufjan Stevens using more nature like sounds, very raw and have really given the track traction. The lyrics are bound to grab you right off the bat and have the words stuck in your head as they are extremely catchy, and this duo knows how to write addicting lyrics. The rap sections are beautifully structured, with rhymes that are timeless and that blend perfectly with the other vocal track. “I Be Sic” is a song that in my opinion is one that you will never get tired of, from the bouncy beats to the absolute phenomenal collection of lyrics like “Anyway, Imma do me anyway” and “I Be Sic when I gotta get the bacon”. Sir J and Ambeeka know how to get their listeners up and moving, and how to connect with them on a real level, writing about things that are current in society and that will get you listening closer to each lyric.

Give a listen to Ambeeka's "I Be Sic" here, and don't forget that the artists interview is below!

Hey Sir J And Ambeeka! Pleasure to Chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Sir J: I'm the uhh...lock and Beek's the key. Technically speaking I'm the one on the keys. I make the beats. I'm also an artist and that's how I met Ambeeka, on the stage rapping with my keytar.  

Ambeeka: I'm what Sir said, the key. More importantly I'm the artist also known as mommy... If I'm not flexin with my pen it's probably a paint brush. Sir would say I can do anything I put my mind to, I would agree.

What is the mindset of BAPS University and what made you decide to start writing music that is so raw?

Ambeeka: it's about rethinking the concept of education and how we approach delivering  our message. With bangin Ass beats and proper lyrics.

Sir J: B.A.P.S ( Bangin Ass Proper Shit)

University is all about that raw. I'm from West Palm Beach, Florida. Where using your voice for change isn't always welcome. So B.A.P.S  was created to

re-educate and bring together those of us who are misunderstood by the miseducated.

Ambeeka: I'm inspired by love so I got to be honest.

Sir J: I'm inspired by the moments.

What is the meaning behind “I Be Sic”?

Ambeeka: It's that feeling you get when you outside your comfort zone. You can push through for the better or never level up. 

Sir J: just listen to the lyrics. 

Where do you draw inspiration for your organic sound in music?

Sir J: I make beats in the kitchen while Beeka cooks. It's usually a hit when she whisper a hook in my ear while making lentil tacos.

Ambeeka: Sir be like what mood you in an we go from there or he is in a mood and inspires me. We are both Aquarius, we only move when we can inspire. I guess we wavy like that. 

What’s next for BAPS University in 2019?

Next project will be O.A.F (Organic as Fuck) Vol. 3 dropping very soon. We are thinking of dropping one more single before the release. Sir J has an instrumental album coming out soon. Ambeekais working on her next solo album "Sage Incense & Cannibis 2" 


Keep connected with Ambeeka via the artists Instagram.


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