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Sir Maximus Esquire Takes Us On A Spoken Word Journey On New Releases “Dawn” And “I Understand”

Skillfully blurring the line between poetry, storytelling, and music, Sir Maximus Esquire emerged from the depths of Starkville, Mississippi, and quickly captivated audiences with his profound lyrical prowess.

Hailing from the prestigious label Metok Music, the experienced poet prioritizes his craft above everything else, spending decades shaping and defining his style during his time as a wordsmith. Now ready to take his career further, his latest project, “A Marvelous Adventure,” promises to unveil a new dimension to his already-established artistic brilliance.

A seasoned poet, Esquire recently ventured into the realm of live performances, mesmerizing audiences with his spoken-word compositions. Now based in Huntsville, Alabama, he’s continued to establish himself off the back of his exceptional lyricism and charisma, and he’s already become a respected figure in the vibrant local poetry scene as well.

His new release “A Marvelous Adventure” marks a stylistic change in direction from Esquire’s previous endeavors. Still, while his previous projects were classics in their own right, “A Marvelous Adventure” further showcases Esquire’s unfiltered storytelling abilities, inviting listeners on a captivating journey through the depths of his artistic mind.

Within the intricate web of “A Marvelous Adventure,” Sir Maximus Esquire masterfully weaves together the fabric of spoken word and poetry. “Dawn” and “I Understand,” two heralds of the good things to come on Esquire’s “A Marvelous Adventure,” see him flex his creative muscles in different yet equally thought-provoking ways. “Dawn” sees Esquire perform over a sinister beat with sirens in the background, and as the beat marches to what feels like a frantic conclusion, Esquire grounds us.

Spitting rhymes like “Ode to the ole dark, o so dark no spark because blown fuses are a nuisance / but the light doesn’t always provide a fix for lack of bliss,” Esquire masterfully guides the beat to a conclusion. In an interesting contrast, the instrumentals for “I Understand” are a little more based and less frantic. However, there is still the feeling that the beat and Esquire himself march on, heading towards a marvellous destination we can’t see yet.

Dropping lines like “So, why do these tocks feel as parasitically draining as the ticks / The motions can make the strongest feel sick,” “I Understand” feels like an expansive musical world within which endless possibilities exist. As a scratch sample closes the beat off, you feel Esquire has completed some substantial introspection. Maybe that’s why he keeps getting better and better.

With his profound mastery of lyricism honed through years of practice, Sir Maximus Esquire’s “A Marvelous Adventure” promises to be an expansive and alluring performance of music and lyricism. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Dawn” and “I Understand,” available now on all major streaming platforms, and keep an eye out for “A Marvelous Adventure,” out soon.

Welcome To BuzzMusic, Sir Maximus Esquire! We loved “Dawn” and “I Understand.” Could you take us through your creative processes for these pieces?

I came up with the idea for "Dawn" while watching the movie "Donnie Darko". At times in my life, I have felt like Frank the Rabbit in the sense that I have been the person who attempts to be a guide of sorts when it wasn't my place to do so, but I have also played the role of Donnie as well in that I had people try to guide me even though sometimes it all fell on deaf ears. The whole thing is about trying to guide someone or be guided by someone else to learn lessons from your own experiences of trial and error in the end. The piece "I Understand" is the closing piece of my project "A Marvelous Adventure." The idea of the album is to describe a journey through life; so with "I Understand" being the last piece, I wanted it to sum up the reflections of one's own life and use a clock as a metaphor for life throughout the piece.

You mentioned you’re a well-established poet, which you’ve been passionate about for a long time. What drew you to poetry as an artistic medium in the first place, and what’s your favorite thing about it?

What I always loved about poetry is how it can do many things. A good poem can be a puzzle; it can be interpreted in different ways, invoke emotion, and paint an image. Being able to create something that can do so much is my main reason for choosing this as my artistic medium.

How does your poetry interact with music, and what do you think the best thing about combining spoken word poetry and music is?

It brings a poem to life more and adds a certain element that helps express the piece's tone. I feel this way about many songs that I have listened to, like "Tunnel Vision" by Kae Tempest which is already an amazing piece, but with music, it is incredible.

What do you think is the most important characteristic for an artist to have?

The drive to create something beautiful that the world will always remember.


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