Sit Back and Feel Serene with Sea of Tranquility in Latest Single "In the Moment"

February 18, 2020

By: Julia P

North Carolina's Alternative/Pop band, Sea of Tranquility, are back, and this time, they bring a smooth and relaxed melody with their song, "In the Moment". Sea of Tranquillity, led by member Worth Fitts, who writes the lyrics, records, and produces the band's songs, is trying to bring a more melancholic and peaceful mood to listeners. Blending both live and electronic instruments, Sea of Tranquillity offers a multidimensional rhythm that appeals to all listeners.

"In the Moment" gives listeners a moment to clear their thoughts, allowing for a period of introspection. The vocals are not abrupt or aggressive; the vocalist focuses on a more rich and calm execution in this song.  The production of "In the Moment" is what really sets the song up for success.  The song delivers a dramatic aura without the harshness of typical dramatic productions. Their musical choices and the subsequent blend of instrumentation uncovers the band's unique approach. Sea of Tranquillity provides a sense of serenity with their alternative stylings, and we feel almost overwhelmed by the intrinsic harmony that lies within "In the Moment". We suggest that the best way to listen to Sea of Tranquility's new song is to be completely alone and unoccupied so that you can feel the full range of sensations that this song offers.

Listen to "In the Moment" here.