Sit Back and Harmonize with Brooklyn Artist Bri Zoli & Her Latest Release: "Lullaby"

Bri Zoli is the kind of artist you desire when in need of a great therapeutic listening experience. As an up-and-coming artist that hails from Brooklyn, NY, Bri Zoli knows all about determination and motivation within the music scene. With great attention to harmony and the ability to deeply connect with listeners, the music of Bri Zoli almost always tends to be remedial in some way, and her latest release of "Lullaby" only fell in line with that declaration.

"Lullaby" begins with a transformative collection of rhythmic sounds, stimulating a claiming sensation over listening ears. Soon enough, the soft voice of Bri Zoli integrates within the soothing melody and establishes an even greater potency with regard to the song's tranquil effect. The electronic components of Bri Zoli's sound get easily translated within the fusion of synths, and the contemporary element of her sound is further demonstrated through her vocal performance. Bringing the two together, we receive uplifting and serene expressions of sound, and the product creates a beautiful soundscape to lose yourself in.

"Lullaby" can easily make one feel at peace, and that's typically the exerted effect of Bri Zoli, usually followed by harmony and transcendence. If you're looking for a calm listening experience, "Lullaby" is most definitely the song for you.

Hello Bri and welcome to BuzzMusic. Considering how impressionable your vocal sound is, what kind of steps went into place in order to create the ethereal vocal sound in "Lullaby?”

I definitely had a vision for “Lullaby” for quite some time - I went into the session with a clear idea of what types of sounds I wanted to include and how I wanted it to make people feel. The vibe of this track is what I’ve been aching to create for years, and it’s truly a reflection of my soul. The vocal style really came from channeling the emotion that emanated from the instrumentals. I really wanted people to be able to dig deep and sink their teeth into the story. Serving poetic and mysterious, melodic lines through a soft, almost conversational, the tone felt right for the vocals.

Were there any components of the creative process regarding "Lullaby" that made you feel challenged as an artist?

Honestly, the song came together so naturally! There was such a strong, creative energy flow in the air during the session that once we had the instrumentals down, the melodies and lyrics came quickly after. Ben Cina and I have worked together on a couple of songs before “Lullaby” so I think going into the session with a clear goal of what we wanted to achieve, really helped us envision the end goal. The only thing we got stuck on was finding a suitable name for the track - we had a couple of ideations but “Lullaby” came to mind after letting the song sit for a couple of months. It couldn’t be more perfect!

How do you feel that "Lullaby" compares to other tracks you've released in the past? What makes this track stand out, compared to other electronically infused contemporary singles?

I love this question! I like to consider myself genre-splicing and identity with a couple of different sounds and styles as an artist. My first single release, “Your Eyes Only,” is absolutely more electronic and upbeat than “Lullaby,” but I think the same vocal emotion is there. Having that consistency throughout your catalog is what defines your sound and makes you unique as an artist. I’m also really moved by what influences me at the time of creating a track. What I was listening to, how I was feeling, what I was going through. I wrote “Your Eyes Only” three years ago when I was heavily listening to electronic music. “Lullaby” was written one year ago in December when I had strong emotions toward past events. I think standing outcomes down to how you translate real, raw emotion so that it’s just as relatable and interpretable to the listener.

How do you feel personal elements of your character are translated into "Lullaby?”

Being a classically trained musician in voice and flute, I naturally gravitate towards beautiful, orchestral-like sounds that make you feel something all the way to your bones. As a kid, playing in an orchestra around the world was the greatest form of therapy for me. Being more of a classical musician then as opposed to a singer-songwriter now, I do believe playing pieces by the world’s greatest composers had a lasting effect on how I approach my own work. Haunting melodies with relatable lyrics that linger are what I’m most attracted to as a musician. In “Lullaby,” I wanted there to be a vast and powerful vocal section in the background that simulated a chorus. That might just be one of my favorite elements of the song – it’s like the backbone holding all of the moodiness together while taking you on a trip through an ethereal soundscape.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020 to create music? What can we expect to see next from you as we enter a new year?

As weird as it sounds and despite the chaos, 2020 has been a great year of progress, motivation, creativity, and collaboration for me. In the sudden slowness we all experienced, it was actually the perfect time to reflect and focus on goals that I might not have had the capacity to hone in on pre-pandemic. Leaning into music was the best way to take my mind off the buzzing energy of the world. Thanks to Zoom and Facetime, sessions have continued virtually and I’ve met some amazing people along the way! Collaboration is such a motivational driver. In 2021, you can look out for another single from me and my debut EP. I’ve been working on a ton of music behind the scenes, and can’t wait to share it with all of you soon!