Sit Back And Relax With New Single By Cas Cleo!

We were incredibly excited when we came across the sound of Cas Cleo. As a predominantly soft/folk artist, Cas Cleo can take the very essence of that country/folk sound and strip it down to its core. Rebuilding it up in a more delicate way, Cas Cleo impresses us with her artistic abilities, especially regarding her curation of the genuine and honest sound her music embodies effortlessly. "Lost It All" is the latest track from Cas Cleo, and we know this one will have our BuzzMusic readers feeling rejuvenated and at peace.

You immediately feel a sense of tranquility with "Lost It All". The melody that you're introduced with completely relaxed us, and we felt at peace while humming along to the underlying melody. Cas Cleo's vocal delivery was spot on within the track, and her voice embedded admirably with the curated tempo. It is without a doubt that Cas Cleo knows how to tell a story through her music-- her surge of emotion throughout the song is a dead give-away. We appreciate the artists who can provide a moment for listeners to be able to unwind and tranquilize. Cas Cleo does exactly such with the silkiness of her voice, which we're completely drawn to at this point. "Lost It All" will have you feel a hint of melancholy, as an effect of the underlying story, however, the melody will have you feeling like you're drifting on a soft-folk music cloud. We can pretty much expect the indie/folk BuzzMusic listeners to melt with Cas Cleo, and her amicable presence is undoubtedly warming.

Entrance yourself with Cas Cleo's "Lost It All" here, and keep scrolling for her interview with BuzzMusic!

Hey there Casey! We're so happy for you with your recent release of "Lost It All"! How did you feel immediately upon releasing the song to your listeners?

Thank you! On release day I was excited but a little nervous. Lost It All was my second release ever and the song that people seem to connect to most live. I was just hoping that the recording would capture the same emotion as the live version. When it came out everyone seemed to have such a positive reaction to the song, even more so than my previous single. I think this was because everyone can relate to heartbreak in one way or another and because the song also references the detailed memories you hold onto from a past relationship.

Can you describe the evolution of your music, from your earlier releases, to now? Do you feel like you're progressing in the way you've wanted to as an artist?

Before Lost It All, I had only released one other single 2 months earlier. However, all 5 singles that I’ll be releasing in the next year were written at least two years ago. In early 2017 I had recorded an entire EP with most of the same songs. When I listened back to this EP I decided not to release it, despite the months of work put into it, because production-wise it did not fit my vision for the songs. Near the end of 2017 I had asked my friend Andrew Lambie to play guitar on one of my songs, and he threw himself into my music and took it upon himself to produce all five of the upcoming songs without me even asking. I’m beyond happy with what we did.

I do feel like I am progressing, I feel like during the recording process of these 5 songs I developed a much better understanding of production and what I want. Recently, I’ve been writing and definitely have a better understanding of the direction I want to go in for these new songs.

What sparked your decision to move from Virginia to Nashville? Do you feel that moving to Nashville has changed the way your music was executed? 

I actually moved to Nashville for college after being very unhappy with my previous college in Virginia. I’ve always known that I wanted to pursue music but could never figure out a way how. I decided to take a risk and move to Nashville since it’s “Music City”. Belmont University, where I attended college, is mainly a music school and I studied Entertainment Industry Studies and Music Business, in order to get a better understanding of how the business side of music works.

Honestly, I think that if I had stayed in Virginia I would not have any music released. There are so many great musicians in Nashville that have taught me so much and I don’t think that any of these songs would have even been written if I hadn’t moved here.

How do you feel when you're performing? Can you describe the essence of your shows?

I like performing, but I would say writing is my favorite part of being an artist. My shows are not high energy really, since my genre is more folk/singer-songwriter. My shows aren’t about people jumping around or getting pumped up, they’re about people listening to the lyrics and melody and understanding how they make each individual person feel, and how that person can relate to them. I guess if I had to describe it, my shows are calming and should make a person feel introspective.


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