Sit Back and Relax with Nondoh in His Calming Track "Let It Happen"

Nondoh is an incredibly experienced artist hailing close to home in San Diego, California. He's a multi-faceted musician, who has trained extensively to craft the very sounding he's able to give to us today. Working with various artists from such a  young and impressionable age, Nondoh has successfully been able to take wisdom and the best parts of each individual he's collaborated with and used it to build his character (which is ultimately portrayed to listeners throughout his music). Nondoh is currently working hard to create experiences for his listeners and to tell stories through his music creations. We're all here for the stories Nondoh has to offer us, and we're absolutely thrilled to introduce his latest single "Let It Happen". This particular single has imparted such a relaxation quality over all of us at BuzzMusic, and we feel absolutely compelled to share it with our readers (we're not selfish enough to keep this one all to ourselves)!

The introductory melody to Nondoh's track "Let It Happen" is smooth and atmospheric. He's able to successfully impart listeners on a visual mental journey with his stylings, and once his vocalism is incorporated into the song, it's a much more gentle and sedative experience. Nondoh is the type of artist that has such a soothing voice, one that can easily glide across your senses. We've come across a few independent artists who have mastered this specific talent and skill, Nondoh undoubtedly being one of them. Nondoh creates an easygoing ambiance for those listening in "Let It Happen", and we appreciate the alleviating climate he's able to execute (and execute quite well, we have to add). You can tell that Nondoh has a compassionate side blended in with his artistry, and we're looking forward to seeing this side come out more with his music to come. 

Listen to "Let It Happen" here.

Hi Nondoh! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us and our readers about your latest release "Let It Happen"! Was this single a particularly easy one to write and record for you?

This song took a few months to record I was writing and recording it while I was going through some life changes. And I think the story reflects that! The song is about certain things in life that you can't have, and rather than fighting it you need to be ok with the outcome no matter what, and just Let It Happen!

"Let It Happen" had an incredibly breezy and composed element to it. We felt comforted by the very sounding of your voice, along with the peaceful and airy production backed behind it. Would you say this was the main feeling you wanted to impart on your listeners with the song?

Yes totally! This song was meant to have a dreamy nostalgic feel to it so I'm glad you guys felt that!

Do you feel as if you challenge yourself artistically? Or do you feel like you stay within the soundings and stylings you're personally comfortable with?

I definitely like to challenge myself! I listen to all sorts of musical genres so I am always experimenting with different sounds, grooves, and rhythms.

You seem to have a poised and affectionate side when we listen to your music. The general feeling you're able to create is very delicate and calming. Do you find that you generally encompass these moods in who you are outside of music, or are these character traits only apart of your artistry? 

I totally love the vibe that my music gives off, all my songs are about actual events that have happened in my life, so I have a very personal connection to my songs.

5) Are there any future collaborations you're able to share with us and our readers about?! 

YES! I am going to be releasing another single in mid-January 2020 featuring a good friend of mine Lindsayykaye! Stay tuned it is gonna be EPIC!