Sit Back and Relax With the Velvety Soundings of Nondoh in "I Wanna Know You" Ft. Lindsay Kaye

Fernando Gomez, known artistically as Nondoh, is an American producer here to shed a new flicker of light into the music scene. As a producer who focuses on synthesizing luscious and creamy soundings, Nondoh is easily able to simultaneously impress and relax his listeners. Growing up in San Diego, CA, Nondoh fell in love with the sound of music almost instantly as a child and cultivated his passion ever since the young age of nine. Learning to play a multitude of instruments, Nondoh became drawn to the art of producing sounds and now has grown his artistry to an entirely new level.

Nondoh's most recent release: "I Wanna Know You" ft. Lindsay Kaye. A sultry and appealing atmosphere opens us up to "I Wanna Know You". The melody is pierced with soft and methodical vocals, integrating themself in the most effortless way. The voice is the type that makes you feel as if you're floating on a cloud--one that gracefully glides through the sky. The production of the track is one that needs highlighting, directly due to its tranquil and easygoing presence. Needless to say, you'll be feeling pretty relaxed by the sound of Nondoh and his production in "I Wanna Know You". The song is very suggestive, allowing for vivid and softly vibrant imagery. Nondoh executes the track well, clearly knowing which rhythms and tones would complement one another. We get contemporary relaxation with Nondoh and his mixing abilities--a combination you're going to want to check out for yourself.

Listen to "I Wanna Know You" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Nondoh! Talk to us a little bit about your stage name. What's the story behind "Nondoh"?

Sooo in 2017 I was finishing my debut EP "Catharsis" and I had finally submitted my music to digital distribution under my real name "Fernando Gomez" but once it was out my music was getting mixed up with other Fernando Gomez's music and I wasn't cool with that at all so I took all my music down and re-uploaded it under the new name "Nondoh" 

We really enjoyed your new single “I Wanna Know You". How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

This song was one of the fastest songs I have ever written, it took me like a month and a half total from the initial idea, all the way to submitting to digital distribution. Normally I take a long time and try hard to find the right inspiration and the right parts, but for "I Wanna Know You" the inspiration was just constantly there and I really took advantage of that flow. The instruments and the groove all came together in the first week then after that, the focus was only on writing lyrics and creating melodies.

What inspired you to write this single? Did you draw any musical inspiration from any other artists?

This song was definitely inspired by Alina Baraz, Sonder, and Mac Miller. And of course, the story behind the song that is based on a love affair I was in that never reaches its fullest potential.  I felt like the vibe and slow grooves of Alina Baraz, Mac Miller, & Sonder really matched the story me and Lindsay are singing about in " I Wanna Know You"

What was it like collaborating with Lindsay Kaye on “I Wanna Know You"?

- Lindsay is amazing we have really become close friends during this whole process, she is super professional, an amazing lyricist, and of course an amazing singer. We always send each other lyric ideas and just vibe and go back and forth to create a story. It's honestly amazing I've never found that kind of flow with any other songwriter.

What can we expect to see from Nondoh throughout 2020?

More collabs with all sorts of different artists and producers, as-well-as different rhythms and styles that I get inspired by. I'm already working on the next single!! Stay tuned.