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Sit Back & Relax With Nathan Tepper And His New Track "Since five"

From Chicago, IL, R&B artist Nathan Tepper is bringing a new element to R&B music. Currently studying at the Full Sail University for Music Production and Recording Arts, Nathan devotes himself and his life to music, whether it be educating himself on the entirety of it, or using such education to craft his own sound. We're impressed with the abilities Nathan Tepper possesses, and how he showcases such abilities within his music. His most recent music introduces a more soothing aspect to his music, and allows listeners to reflect and conclusively relax! 

You will yourself in a calming-induced atmosphere when listening to Nathan's latest track "Since five". The track encompasses a complete trill ambiance, which creates an entire illusion for any listener. The tempo of the track maintains its slow and mellow pace all throughout, which aids in its projected relaxing effects. Nathan Tepper undoubtedly killed it with his vocal execution in "Since five". His subtle use of autotune contributes heavily to the intended environment for the track, and ultimately sets the track up for success. We can easily distinguish the craft in Nathan's music offerings, and his musical education aids in the final organization of his creations. We love the type of R&B style Nathan Tepper brings to the table with his music, especially with "Since five", and we know that we're on the lookout for what he's able to create next! 

Give a listen to Nathan's "Since five" here, and check out his interview below!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Nathan! Your latest track "Since five" has been on our radars, and it's an incredibly mellow and relaxing R&B track. What was the intended atmosphere you wanted to create for your listeners with this track? When you listen to this song you will hear a new mellow vibe that is great to relax and zone out too. 

Are you able to explain to our listeners what your main message is in "Since five"?  There is no particular message, but I want the audience to know that people may try to throw shade on you, or start rumors, but you can zone it out and do you. And that’s how the track was made.  As an R&B artist who incorporates a variety of alternative elements to your music, would you ever feel comfortable blending in elements from contrasting genres that you've never worked with before? 

I would absolutely use elements form other genres of music. I do it all the time when I produce tracks and when I write my songs. I think more producers should try to do that too. It really helps me understand how to make melodies and choose samples that blend well with my voice and compliment my flow.  Is there a reason why you have never released your first recorded track? Do you ever see yourself sharing that track with your listeners?

Lol. My  first track was pretty bad. Let’s  just say I’ve come a long way.  We're highly anticipating your upcoming album release! Are you currently wrapping up the album, putting final touches on it? How do you feel about your near future release?!  My album “Eastern Lake Drive” is out now on SoundCloud GO SHOW SOME LOVE!


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