Sit Down and Get to Know One of Our Favorites: Redahan

Fresh off the heels of his debut EP 'Through the Palms,' Brian Redahan gives us a energized hit on his latest release, "Nowhere Baby." With music being a key component throughout Redahan's life, he found a gravitational pull towards pop music. The genre's ability to empower and invigorate his soul is what Redahan found most appealing and put that sense of empowerment into creating his pop-centric music.

A Nashville transplant, Redahan is now a collective member of the music community in Los Angeles, California. Redahan has formed introspective, collaborative relationships with other musicians and producers to perfect and further his sound. His ability to infuse descriptive narrative into his songs offer a mode of connection with the listener. Not shying away from darker subject matters, Redahan can take a solemn theme and set it to his signature popified sound that uplifts the listener.

Redahan continuously proves that even when the message of a song is conceptually deeper, the soundscape can still promote free-flowing vibes. We are looking forward to hearing more magical creations from Redahan and think you will share our sentiment when you hit play on "Nowhere Baby."

Discover Redahan's "Nowhere Baby" here.