Sit Down and Immerse Yourself in Alifchief's Tranquil Release "Borrowed Time"

Residing in Uganda, Africa is alluring artist Alifchief. Artistically, Alifchief primarily focuses on versatility. His music screams it, and his character emulates it effortlessly. Giving one listen to the product of Alifchief's sound, you may find yourself ultimately intrigued by his ability to draw in many contrasting elements of music, and still make it seem cohesive and whole. Alifchief's new single displays this ability quite well, and really does well at imparting a certain type of calm feeling onto its listeners.

Alifchief has released his anticipated single "Borrowed Time," which features a very lax and tranquil listening environment. Alifchief incorporates a variety of eclectic instrumentals into "Borrowed Time," allowing the track to perfuse an almost eccentric tone. "Borrowed Time" definitely follows indie inspirations, as well as an immersive afro-fusion blend. Beyond "Borrowed Time," Alifchief has proven to show in previous singles that his guitar stylings immediately bring a bluesy and almost rock environment to the table. "Borrowed Time" faintly incorporated this, but it's notable that the single still maintained an incredible light element, similar to a bluesy-type feel. All in all, "Borrowed Time" felt extremely vivid as a result of the instrumental coalescence. It's the right kind of single for any listener seeking expressive soundscapes with many dimensions.

Discover "Borrowed Time" by Alifchief here.

Welcome, Alifchief! Congratulations on releasing "Borrowed Time". Considering how immersive and vivid the production of the track was, how would you describe the way you synthesized that exact kind of creativity for the track?

Thank you! I wouldn't say I came up with the exact amount of creativity needed for the track instantly. It was a long process of agonizing over what vibes to go for, along with adding and retracting parts for the greater good of the song. I was listening to music from West Africa, particularly Fatoumata Diawarra and Ali Farka Touré, and transcribing what I heard into the song without being too derivative.

What do you think your primary goal was going into the writing and recording of "Borrowed Time"? Was there a certain emotion you intended your listeners to feel while listening to the track? 

My main goal was to express myself musically in a way that reflects my experiences of living in East Africa over the last four years; meeting and jamming with musicians such as Leo Mkanyia, Mad Ice, and Msafiri Zawose in the region has been part of that experience. If there is one specific emotion that was intended for listeners to feel, it would be the fleetingness of time and how precious it is.

How would you describe the way the music scene in Brunei helps to accelerate your creativity and ultimate artistry?

To be honest, being physically away from the music scene in Brunei has actually accelerated my development as an artist, creatively speaking. The scene itself is very small, so there's only so much you can do and learn until you realize that the only way to take your craft to the next level is to venture out. This is the main reason why I left Brunei in the first place and coming to Africa is probably the best decision I've made for my music.

Where do you feel that you're ready to take your career next as a music artist? Are there any goals you've set for you and your music throughout the rest of 2020?

Career-wise, I would like to continue writing songs for myself as a means to develop my craft and repertoire. Playing more live shows and festivals in Africa and Europe is also another thing that I'd like to do more, in the long run, to get my name out there. For now, 2020 is the year that I'd like to focus on releasing as many original materials as possible, and my upcoming debut EP album this August will be the starting point.