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Sit Down With Julia Paymer For Some Musical "Therapy"

Julia Paymer hails from Nashville as a Pop artist and multi-genre songwriter. Her known sound of fresh Indie Pop shines bright with her songwriting that will make you want to dance and cry at the same time.

Currently, a senior at Belmont University studying songwriting and music business, Julia Paymer touches on her entrepreneurial side as she writes Pop, Country, and Indie music for established artists around Nashville. Julia Paymer's goal is to make Pop music honest, and with her latest single, “Therapy,” she does exactly that.

In the vulnerable collision of beautifully haunting instrumentation that matches an honest vocalization of Julia Paymer’s deepest most inner thoughts. The fusion of slow to mid-tempo keys being performed in a prevailing display of emotion captures the intrapersonal quintessence that Julia Paymer’s mission lays out.

Through the depth of, “Therapy,” we can hear Julia Paymer discuss topics of codependency as she seeks therapy to recuperate from the toxic relationship she has left. There is something so soothing about the tone she radiates as she lays it all out on the table. Her welcoming embrace offers a warm clasp of reassurance that everything is going to be okay through this transformative period. The heartening sense of relief that is found through the sonic voyage of, “Therapy,” is an enthralling cascade of individualities that shine luminously on their own and as one.

Julia Paymer is fulfilling her mission of immersive, Pop ballads that weigh heavy on finer sentiments dusted off. Sometimes all we need is for someone to be forthright and honest with us; Julia Paymer is doing exactly that through her exposure of wistful recollections that she uses as an inspiring tool to relate to her rapidly growing audience.

Hello Julia and welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the heartfelt release of, “Therapy.” Allowing yourself to get as vulnerable as you did is no easy feat. What was the creative process like when bringing this song to life?

I wrote the chorus to "Therapy" on the day of a really tough breakup. I never really gave myself space or room to process or simply sit with my emotions until about a month later, when I brought my idea to my good friend and co-writer, Sarah Underwood. Sarah helped me finish "Therapy" and turn it into a song that felt healing and empowering, rather than angry and bitter, which is how it started. It was extremely vulnerable and tough to share at first, but now I feel proud to sing about something taboo and allow it to be empowering.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from, “Therapy?"

My goal for my listeners is that they know that no matter what someone has put them through, they're gonna be okay once they get through the rough patches of the healing process. There's always a time in the breakup, (no matter how short) when you finally feel like a badass with freedom again. This song is for holding onto that feeling and remembering who you really are, no matter how badly someone hurt you.

Do you happen to have a favorite part of the creative process that resonates with you the most?

Lyrics and concept are my favorite parts of the writing process. Coming up with an idea that someone hasn't created before and turning something painful into art is the most healing thing for me. When you can look back at a song you wrote and say "Wow, I articulated that feeling that was so strong and painful," is really special to me.

What can your listeners expect from you in terms of the sound that you’ll be offering up in the several releases that you have planned this year?

I already have two singles ready to come out early this year, and they all are pretty upbeat funky pop songs revolving around pretty sad concepts. I love the juxtaposition of a song that makes you wanna dance and cry. It feels like a celebration of feeling.

What would you like listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I just want listeners to know that this is exactly who I am, unapologetically, and that I hope I can help them heal or feel. I want them to take whatever they need from this song and hold onto that. That was one of my biggest goals with this release.


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