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Sitting Down With Michael B. Whit

Welcome to BuzzMusic Michael. We appreciate you taking the time to chat today. We are loving your latest release, "40 Acres," and hear you have a new one on the way. Fill us in - we want the scoop - what can we expect?

Hey! That's so awesome. Thank you for loving "40 Acres Down" and for this opportunity. I didn't know what kind of response I would get upon releasing that song, so I'm always appreciative when people tell me that they are rocking with it. I'm super excited about the new music that's on the way; I've got a hot little Country, Mississippi Delta-style jam coming to your ears titled "Taking The Dog," featuring my bro Asher Cataldo from down in Wartrace, TN. I've had friends that have experienced this, so It's real, it's petty, it's really petty. You will laugh and jam at the same time.

How did you find the process of creating this single, and are there any new things you've learned throughout that time?

"Someone told me that Country Music has many love songs but hardly any to make love to, so I thought, well, if that's true, then I'd like to attempt to create one that helps even the score. "40 Acres Down" sparked from me sitting in the studio wondering what it would sound like if The Artist formerly known as Prince made country music or collaborated with Blake Jason Aldean. I got excited when I connected the dots, if you listen to some Prince records and actually get past how outstanding the sonics are, you will notice that he Yodels often in his vocal riffs. So like a mad scientist, I merged all that Linn Drum greatness in with that Aldean-like sultry twang, and the rest was a chemical explosion that turned into "40 Acres" that some call the "30 Shades of Country," lol. I've learned that you can uncover some beautiful new art when you start splashing paint.

How do you balance life between the music and your other obligations with the world still being in and out of lockdown restrictions?

God, Family, and Business, in that order. That's my motto; I know that trusting the first one will instruct, guide, and help me keep family life together while ordering my steps to help me navigate the business in these challenging times. If he's the center, then it's all balanced. However, if we want to be more practical, having a schedule and the discipline to stick to it helps in every way. I'm an early riser, too, so that helps get stuff done, like writing a song, feeding the horses, and checking emails are usually things done early to still have the rest of your day. I've been using the internet to maximize my reach with music and save quality time for my family & my horses. Virtual shows when venues were shut down were game-changers. I'm looking forward to a time when the world can get back to normal, but if this is the new normal, I have faith that we will learn to adapt and make it the best spinning rock it can be.

We hear you have a new release on the way, 'Taking the Dog' What can you tell us about the new release - we want the scoop!

First, let me say this song is not your typical heartbreak country song; it's a comedic, satirical breakup song. It's real because folks act petty when they always break up. None of us is above trying to repo all the stuff we've contributed to the relationship. Most of us have done it at some point. It's funny because, in this song, all we could get our hands on before getting the boot was the pooch.

If we were riding in the car with you - who would be coming through your speakers?

I'm all over the place with the aux cable, lol. Hunter Hayes, Brandy, Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs, Keith Urban, Seth Ennis, Rissi Palmer, Brooks and Dunn, Chris Ardoin (Zydeco), and some P.J Morton all have priority on my playlist.

We also heard you are going to be performing somewhere really cool - share the details!

Yeah, catch me at the NASCAR sprint cup with Old Dominion, Nelly, Cole Swindell, and Jimmie Allen in St. Louis Pre-Race on June 5th, and since my birthday is June 6th, bring me your best cake.

What's up next for you?

After this next single release, we will do the radio promo tour to support it and continue to build our brand with some big shows, all while we're locking down my EP "Before September," that's set to release on the last day of August (get it) lol.

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