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Sitting In The Sun Soaking Up “Malibu Bliss” By Joey Capo

Italian-Vietnamese singer and song writer Joey Capo was born and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and began writing music at age 16. By age 20 he started teaching himself how to produce his own records and in May 2018 he relocated to Los Angeles, California to grow his music career further. His music offers a dark, chill, atmospheric take on pop and R&B with catchy melodic vocals throughout. As he continues to keep his sights on the true passion he has for music and strives to paint vivid pictures in his listener’s minds in every song he creates.

“Malibu Bliss” has a very upbeat rhythm, with catchy beats that remind me of those found in “Don’t Wanna Know” by Maroon 5. The lyrics are descriptive, transporting the listener to what feels like driving around town with the top down enjoying the Malibu skies. This song has a definitive classic pop sound to it, with differing layers of beat between the moments with lyrics and without, adding depth to this hit track. Joey Capo’s vocals are relaxing and smooth, and he presents the lyrics with emotion and clarity. His style really resonates with sounds found in Pop and R&B and is one that you can for sure expect to hear on repeat as it really fits in with the modern sounds that have been introduced to this genre recently. I love his use of description to really help get the listener involved in the music, and how easy it is to find yourself moving along to the beat of this classic. Add this one to your feel good playlist of the spring and summer and get ready to relax in the sun!

Listen to “Malibu Bliss” here and get to know more about Joey Capo below!

Hey Joey! Awesome beats! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Joey Capo, I am singer-songwriter from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Ten months ago I took the leap of faith and moved to the LA area to further pursue my music career as a recording artist. Im a big person on stepping outside my comfort zone and pushing the limits of my creativity, as well as my everyday life in order to achieve the best version of myself. The music I make is hard to place in a specific genre, just because I’m a lover of all types of music. But when it comes to me creating the music I make, I try not to box myself into a genre but instead I allow my emotions to control the feeling and sound of the record. 

What inspired you to write “Malibu Bliss” and what is the meaning behind it?

Malibu Bliss is song that describes a moment you have that awakens the better side of life. By learning to live life in the present. What inspired this record, was a sunset I experienced being in Malibu. Moving to LA, I know it was the best thing for my career in music, but I also knew I would be facing a lot of fears and struggles in order for it all to work out. I have experienced some of the lowest times in my life living in LA, as well as some of the greatest. I learned very quickly how real depression is and the feeling of being trapped in a mental state of mind, knowing I am meant to be here but at the same time you get this vulnerable sensation where you start to question your own existence. Till that day something as simple as a sunset in Malibu, changed my whole perspective on living life in the present. Hearing the waves crash, watching the sky change color, and really becoming aware of my surroundings. To the point you get this blissful sensation and begin to not worry about yesterday or tomorrow. But the only thing that really actually matters is that very moment.

What are some influences in creating your sound?

A lot of my music is influenced by the times of the day. The feeling of the music I make brings that sunset or night time vibe. I always felt those were the moments in the day the world really came alive to me. 

What new and exciting ordeals can we expect in 2019 from you?

I am definitely bringing a lot of new music to the table. To the people who have been rocking with me since the beginning, are going to really see the evolution in my career from 2018 to now and I know even a lot of the newer listeners are really going start catching wind of the great music I got coming this year. I have started working with a new team of producers who have been pushing my creativity to another level. Challenging my music abilities by collaborating on different styles of music I have never done before. I can confidently say this year is going to be a great year for my music career. 


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