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Sivan Langer Doesn’t Want Any More Lies In “Alibi”

Israel-born Indie rock artist Sivan Langer released his new single "Alabi," a heartbreaking song about seeking the truth in a sea of lies.

Sivan Langer is an Israel-born musician who built his studio at home in the countryside of Galilee to create music and take it to the people. His emerging career has success in radio and colleague communities with listeners from all ages and places. His music has significant influence from David Bowie and Bob Dylan, mixing blues and rock and roll.

"Alibi" is about the truth behind walls of lies or alibis. But eventually, the truth will rise. This song has Sivan Langer on main vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussion, Marta Garret and Lynsey Tibbs on vocals, Adam Alesi on drums and percussion, and John Graham on the upright piano.

Pressing the play button on "Alibi," you will recognize the robust scent of the 70s music. Upbeat piano chords and a blissful melody from an electric guitar welcome you as Sivan Langer's voice adds a soft and soothing touch. His vocals make the lyrics sound nostalgic but tender, like a lament longing for the peace that lies took from him.

"Alibi" has a chilling ambiance with incredible instrumentals, making you close your eyes and wave your head as you listen to it. The solos are exciting, and the background vocals give so much energy to the song. "Alabi" is a song you must listen to if you are into classics from the 70s rock and roll scene.


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