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Sixsense Unpacks Latest Release, "AYANNA"

Welcome to Buzz, Sixsense! We love the emotion and passion packed into your recent single, "AYANNA." What inspired you to create this particular song?

Thanks, guys. It’s a pleasure to be here! Ayanna is a song I wrote during a very confusing time in my life. Working full-time in the studio and constantly bombarded with stress, I kept thinking back to a simpler time when I had many more people around me, some who had left me behind and a few whom I had left behind myself.

"AYANNA" beautifully combines Afrobeat rhythms with Latin-infused R&B. Would you say this is a typical sound for you, or would you like to explore it further?

My dad is Chilean, and I spent a lot of time there when I was young, so I grew up on Latin music. But my Australian mum gave me all of the folk music from her day, and it blended into the fusion of what is much of my music today. Where AYANNA is different is in the Jersey/ Afrobeat blend. It’s something I started trying recently, and I plan to do a lot more of it.

Did you collaborate with any producers or musicians when creating "AYANNA?" Who helped you bring this song to life?

The beautiful guitar loop is from Jkei, without which the song wouldn’t be what it is. I think that does about 90% of the work. As for the rest, I produce, record, and mix independently. It’s a way I work I’ve done for a while now, and most of the time I don't like to record tracks with anyone else in the room especially if they're very personal to me.

How is "AYANNA" different from your previous releases, and what makes this song unique to you?

This is a very different style from my other releases because most people know me as a rapper. It’s also much more ballad-y rather than energetic or vibey. The uniqueness comes, I think, from the blend of all of these styles and the mixture of English and Spanish.

What theme or message did you want to convey to listeners with your impactful lyrics in "AYANNA?" What did you want them to feel and take away?

Bittersweet nostalgia.

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