SJUR Has Made Us Super Fans With His Latest Mix "Blame It On Me"!

We’ve been in a huge electronic mood lately, and SJUR further complements that type of vibe for us. SJUR is a Norwegian DJ/producer, and has recently came out with new music that’s on a huge wave. First, we have to tell our readers who and what SJUR is. SJUR has the producing genes in him—growing up with a father who predominantly produced/DJ’d is a heavy influence on the type of music you would also produce. We can hear through SJUR’s tracks that his mixing talent is curated finely, and with time. Inspired by his fathers legacy, SJUR took up producing and mixing. And, thankfully for us, SJUR contributes his authentic and finely-aged curation skills to the electro-pop music scene. This unequivocal talent that SJUR possesses can be seen through his mass Spotify fan base—which now includes all of us at BuzzMusic! But seriously, having over a million subscribers can really show the type of love SJUR is receiving on his end as an artist. We listened to his music, notably his most popular song “Let Me Love You” and we caught on to the wave right away. We knew when he came out with his new music, we wouldn’t be disappointed, and we were far from it! 

“Blame It On Me” is the perfect summer bop. That pretty much sums up the quality and production of SJUR’s latest track. All you want to do is dance, or move your body in some way when listening to “Blame It On Me”. And that’s the exact feeling we want to be overwhelmed with when listening to an electro-pop track. The song begins with catchy and inspiring synths, eventually accompanied by Peg Parnevik’s stunning vocals that fit into the beat incredibly well. That’s definitely a huge part of producing tracks, finding the vocals that fit along with what you’re producing as a DJ can be challenging, and sometimes the vocalism doesn’t always blend effortlessly with simplicity. You can already guess that SJUR’s “Blame It On Me” is the type of track that doesn’t fail when it comes to that element (we definitely wouldn’t be sharing it with the BuzzMusic community if it didn’t)! We love the energy and eccentrics in “Blame It On Me”, especially how pulsating the tempo is—we highly recommend you play this track on high volume to feel its full effects!

Take a listen to “Blame It On Me” here!

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