SKEE Is Making Waves In His Hometown With “Where We Come From”

Blazing a trail through the New England scene is rising artist SKEE from Lynn, Massachusetts. His latest release “Where We Come From” puts his passion and pain on the table regularly. You can look forward to hearing the conviction in his voice while delivering eye-opening lyrics that briefly describe growing up in the harsh environment of Sin City. Painted over an amazing production pieced together by Toniii. This has become the cities anthem for the summer and is only a taste of what’s to come from SKEE and his team Hoodfellas.

“Where We Come From” stands out by a mile for its striking introduction and hard-hitting lyrics. The contemporary hip hop landscape joins forces with SKEE’s creatively free approach, making for a track that hits hard yet feels honest and raw at the same time. “Where We Come From” is versatile and surprising for many reasons, the outpouring of melody and emotion opens up a whole new corner, the lyrics hold tight to your attention, the music suits the mood of these words, and the performance strikes as completely genuine and authentically connected to the bars at play throughout. We’re impressed with the truth that SKEE brings to the table and we’re looking forward to his future releases!

Listen to “Where We Come From” here and get to know more about SKEE in our interview below!

Hey SKEE! Tell us all about your track “Where We Come From”!? What inspired it?

If I could only use one word I’d say Authentic....Real ones from the hood will relate because they were subjected to similar conditions, I speak for them. As far as inspiration I look no further than the environment I grew up in. If it wasn’t for my city this song never would have been created. Not everyone grew up how we did, I wanted to paint a picture for those who aren’t too familiar with the life we were custom to. Plus My cousin did his thing on the keys, left me no choice but to return the favor.

What’s the concept behind the music video? What was the filming process like for you?

Had to be in the city! Other than that I wanted the lyrics to speak from themselves more than anything. The filming process gives me the same vibes as if I was on stage performing I’m right at home with either or.

Do you have any future collaborations that we can expect from you?

Other than the squad Hoodfellas (Tray Cook and JDee) there’s a few lined up. Not opposed to working with any artists regardless of status as long as they ain’t on no bullshit or a Rat! Then we good.

What do you think sets you apart from mainstream music today?

EVERYTHING! I stay true to myself, we stuck to the basics while they took shorts.

Hoodfellas is bringing rap back! Remember I said that.

What do you hope to achieve through the remainder of 2019?

Everything deserved, Free our brother JDee until then me and Tray will hold it down

Lynn Mass STAND UP!


Instagram: @skee781

Twitter: @Skee2real