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SkinnyLB Releases His Highly-Anticipated Album, 'Side B Its Finally Written'

Coming in hot from Cleveland, Ohio, songwriter, rapper, producer, and hip-hop recording artist SkinnyLB releases his latest 17-track album, 'Side B Its Finally Written.'

After experiencing a troubled youth, SkinnyLB traveled through middle school without a father figure and making a family with anyone he'd come in contact with. As his aunts and uncles inspired his love for broad and diverse music, SkinnyLB felt inclined to begin his venture into the rap game with help from artists like 8Ball & MJG, UGK, Eminem, Bone Twista, Project Pat, and Three 6 Mafia. Without further ado, let's begin our journey into SkinnyLB's latest album, 'Side B Its Finally Written.'

Jumping into the album, the venture begins with the introductory track, "Bitch Niggas," that kicks the album into gear with the heaviest vibes. As the gritty drum breaks begin to pound through our speakers, SkinnyLB jumps in and drenches us in his dominant and dark performance that paves the way for the entire album to follow. We love SkinnyLB's energy and poise in this intro track; he makes it incredibly difficult to ignore such confident flow and spacey, mystical sonics that fuel our speakers with energy and life. This track is the perfect way to start the album, and we can't wait to hear what SkinnyLB has in store for us.

Moving onto the album's second track, "Talk My Shit," SkinnyLB ups the modernity and kicks off this banger with a dark and ominous hip-hop beat alongside his intense bars. While he continues to drop his heavy and powerful bars over our speakers, SkinnyLB leaves us feeling a little intimidated by his radiating confidence and authority. This track is incredibly empowering, and the sonics do their part to enhance that vibe while SkinnyLB takes his time to deliver his quality, rhythmic, and sophisticated rap.

The third track, "F.Y.I.," gets even more intense and opens with a haunting piano melody, crisp drum breaks, and SkinnyLB's powerful rap. As he begins to portray the constant grind he's on and the dedication it takes to reach his destiny, SkinnyLB continues blazing through this track with his witty bars and alluring nature. If there's one thing for sure, it's that SkinnyLB doesn't need big, fancy, and dramatic sonics to get his message across, as his authoritative delivery truly speaks for itself. Not to mention his lyrical mastery, SkinnyLB's wordplay, and storytelling in this track are top tier.

Don't be sad, "Fix Your Crown," king. SkinnyLB's fourth track on the album kicks off with a bouncy piano melody and crispy drums while he begins grooving through our speakers with charismatic and confident bars. This song brings heavy similarities to the sound and style of A$AP Rocky, especially as SkinnyLB continues to ride the beat with incredible power and might. He exudes this certain energy that's equally as intoxicating as it is exciting, and this track perfectly displays SkinnyLB's vast artistry through his organic rap and toe-tapping production.

Switching up the vibe with the next track, "216 In The Building radio interview," this song is less like a musical piece and more like a rhythmic radio interview. As SkinnyLB begins to open up about the Side B album, he says it's the continuation of his artistry while touching on the many people that made the album come to life. As a warm and jazzy hip-hop beat grooves in the distance, SkinnyLB continues to expand on the creative process behind the record and what it took to make his dream a reality.

Reaching track number six, "Dawg," this heavy-hitting banger begins with a scorching hot synth arrangement that drops into a deftly produced and fiery hip-hop beat. SkinnyLB's flow in this song is exceptionally animated and charismatic; he takes us back to the prime eras of hip-hop with his melodic and rhythmic flow while expanding on his rough-around-the-edges lifestyle. We love the heat and primal energy of this song; each aspect of the track is truly exhilarating, and SkinnyLB enhances the entire experience with his catchy and fun hook.

Onto the seventh track, "Shades," we're met with a cinematic and haunting string section that paves the way for SkinnyLB's heated bars. As he jumps in with the utmost confidence and dominance, SkinnyLB begins to groove through the song while expanding on his tenacious lifestyle and calculating his next moves in such a cut-throat industry like this. This song is like the eye of the storm; everything from the hard-hitting production to SkinnyLB's equally exciting flow offers this intense and powerful atmosphere, running a surreal chill down the spine.

SkinnyLB is "Flexing" on us in the heated eighth track, taking off with a cool, calm, and collected hip-hop beat and his groovy flow. This song is the epitome of a vibe; each spacey synth and tight drum break takes us into the depths of modern hip-hop alongside SkinnyLB's tightly wound bars and attention-commanding performance. We love the energy of this song; it's the perfect midway pick-me-up that crashes our ears with an uplifting and bright tone, perfectly contrasting the rest of the album's darker and heavier tracks.

Reaching the album's halfway point with track number nine, "My Rider," SkinnyLB ventures back into the gritty and hard-hitting tracks with his punchy bars and storming production. Listening to SkinnyLB's powerful flow, he begins to touch on someone who means the world to him and who he would ride out for in a heartbeat. We love the dedication SkinnyLB holds in terms of committing to a relationship and sticking by someone's side no matter what; it's truly applaudable. We must note that this song brought out our stank face, and it's not every day that happens.

Continuing that same passion and dedication with the tenth track, "Real One," SkinnyLB kicks this song into gear with a funky and melodic hip-hop beat that oozes a great groove. Expanding on SkinnyLB's captivating performance, he flows through our speakers while reminding us that he's been a real one all his life, only attracting like-minded others. If you're looking for the definition of real, turn over to the page of SkinnyLB, and he'll be happy to show you how it's done through his poised and composed performance and relatable bars.

The eleventh track, "T.B. Associates," takes us into a sort of infomercial-type interlude that's equally as hilarious as it is refreshing. The one-minute interlude begins with background elevator-like music and SkinnyLB's narration on behalf of T.B. Associates. But what kind of issues does T.B. Associates deal with? Let SkinnyLB answer that question. "Are you tired of your kids always complaining and being loud when you're trying to smoke and relax? Call T.B. Associates," and they'd be happy to lend a helping hand.

Back to business, the twelfth track, "Facts," begins with another ominous and cinematic string section that drops into a heated and sonically delicious hip-hop beat. As SkinnyLB struts through our speakers with his composed and confident flow, he spits straight "Facts" while taking us through his authentic life experiences to get his point across. This song offers all the energy and heat we're looking for in the cold realm of winter's clasp, and SkinnyLB's performance is exactly what we need to warm up and let loose.

Getting groovy with the next track, "Daniel Son," SkinnyLB takes us into the flames with his tapping and crisp drum arrangements and rhythmic flow. The hook on this song is incredibly fun-loving and catchy, and we can't help but chant his bars alongside the talented rapper himself. SkinnyLB's performance in this song is another prime example of his lyrical mastery and wordplay capabilities that are truly unmatched. This song features an unnamed, badass female rapper that bounces her way through the track with vast authority and power.

Heading into an 8-second-long interlude, the fourteenth track, "It Sholl Jiggle Tho intro," consists of a hilarious conversation that discusses how someones booty ain't even that big, but it sure jiggles, though.

The previous interlude sets up the fifteenth track perfectly. "So Phat" kicks off with a nostalgic 90s hip-hop beat that taps through our speakers with incredible vibes. As SkinnyLB jumps into the hook, he offers another comical performance by expanding on a woman's curvy behind and how impossible it is to look away. We love SkinnyLB's comedic bars in this track; while rapping a rather relatable and sexual message, he makes the experience that much more entertaining with his blunt and descriptive words.

Onto the next track, "Playa Shit intro," we're met with a 4-second-long interlude piece that consists of a male's deep and pitched-down vocal, asking the DJ to spin that shit.

The track above sets up the final and outro song, "Go Bang," which opens with a dense and dramatic drum arrangement alongside SkinnyLB's jazzy vocal appearance. This is the first time on the record that we've heard SkinnyLB channel a more melodic and organic vocal delivery, as we get to experience his stunning and poised vocal abilities in this hazy and chilling outro track. We adore how SkinnyLB jumps back and forth between his dominant flow and his sensual vocal performance, carrying us to the outro with vast soul and heart.

We can't get enough of the passion and power within SkinnyLB's latest album, and we're more than happy to share it with our readers. Find SkinnyLB's dynamic and hard-hitting 17-track album, 'Side B Its Finally Written,' on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, SkinnyLB. What a journey you've taken us on with your latest gripping album, 'Side B Its Finally Written.' When did you begin writing songs for this album? How long was it in the making?

I started writing songs for this album in January 2021. Soon as I got done with the first it's finally written I started working on the Side B Album...

What was it like working with the artists and producers on 'Side B Its Finally Written'? How did they help bring your vision to life?

Working with everybody on this album. Was an experience...because I didn't automatically know who was gone be on this album...I have surprises on the album for even myself.....

Do you have a favorite song on 'Side B Its Finally Written'? What about that song makes it your favorite?

I don't have a favorite song on the album because every song is Facts of my exaggerations...and everyone means something to me...

What do you hope your audience feels when experiencing your album, 'Side B Its Finally Written?'

I hope my audience finally understands who I am...You're going to learn something about me in my songs...It's my life.

Could you expand on what you want to represent and stand for as an artist? How does your music reflect who you are?

I'm not an artist I'm a music reflects that...I'm Jesus of my label..I'll make the sacrifice so my people can win.


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