SKVR Talks ABout New Release "Upscaled Habits"

Hey there SKVR! Congratulations on the release of "Upscaled Habits"! How has the music world been treating your latest album thus far?! What kind of feedback have you been receiving for each track?

Hello! Thank you. I’ve received a lot of great feedback and even more compliments on album release. People most often mention professional sound quality and contrast between styles in the album which is good. It is pleasing to see people sharing my music all around the world.

"Upscaled Habits" was a sultry, alluring, yet vigorous experience for us as listeners. We completely felt the depth within each track. What track off of the album would you say is the most impactful in terms of its overall message? 

Well, I think you should listen to EP as a whole musical piece. The emotional journey throughout the EP is what impacts the most. Upscaled Habits is about bringing things to a new level and Maroon Skies lead this uplifting emotion to any listener.

We're proud to hear that your musical work has won Ventspils "Creative Work of the Year" award! Do you feel that since your music has been receiving such great feedback you will stick to the way you produce your music? Or are you planning on curating music in a different way for future listeners? 

SKVR will definitely keep producing music and experiment with sound. I see it as ever-changing project and endless progress. Actually I curate my own playlist called LIMERENCE, you can also find it on my artist profile on Spotify.

As an artist, would you ever be inclined to incorporate elements to your music that is completely contrasting from the genre you're predominantly in? Are you an artist that prefers to play around with their sound?

Yes, totally, as mentioned before, SKVR tends to surprise it’s listeners with new form of music, different styles in genres and even collaborate with new artists. Upscaled Habits is great example of being variant in style and musical taste.

What a treat it was being able to feature your brand new album "Upscaled Habits" here on BuzzMusic! An album filled with absolute passion and rigor, that's for sure! Any parting words for our readers? Any glimpse of what we can expect to see from SKVR in the near future?

Thank you for amazing interview! I learned many new words through this interview haha. In the nearest future I am inclined to graduate school as it is my senior year now. You can expect SKVR collaboration with JUSTIBLVCK and Ed Rallidae. This sound is gonna be huge!


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