Skyhaven Premieres Their Sentimental New Song, “U do”

Based in Los Angeles, Skyhaven is an electrifying duo here to shine with their brand new single premiere, "u do" featuring Keston Wright. Not only have they released their single, Skyhaven provided an attention-grabbing music video to help you enjoy the single to the fullest. Starting with the instrumental of the track, “u do,” it was vibrant and fused with soaring electric pop melodies through intoxicating guitar chords. It complemented the rhythmical drums that intertwine and pair with the instrumental perfectly. "u do" is harmonically-rich in the vocal performance, which really allowed for the emotion to shine through. The music video for "u do" exemplified an interesting combination of both fun and sorrow. The music video features an important hidden message about addiction. Skyhaven does an amazing job both portraying their raw emotion and capturing their listener. We love "u do" and we're excited to hear what's coming next from this electric duo.

"We wanted this video to represent the bittersweetness of addiction, how it can be romanticized and seen as something glamorous at times. While at the end of the day it ends in burning out and something that is less than desirable." - Skyhaven

Listen to “u do” by Skyhaven here.

Skyhaven we're so excited to be chatting with you, welcome to BuzzMusic! What made you guys make this decision to transform into a duo? What are your different musical roles?

Thanks so much for having us! The decision to transition into a duo stemmed from a few different things. We’re both super inspired by a lot of pop/r&b artists. First off, going forward with our new sound would have gotten extremely busy and complicated with a full band setup. Between the electric bass being dropped and our low end being taken over by subs and 808s, as well as a live drum kit being pretty sparse in our new music, it wasn’t really ideal to have a full band involved. It’s a little bit easier to brand a duo, as well as breaking into the scene that we want to be in. We’ll still tour with a live drummer to give our live shows that punch, but we’re super stoked to be going in this new direction. It’s the sound we’ve really always been shooting for from the beginning! We’re still great friends with the old members, and they’ve decided to go in different directions with their talents, and we couldn’t be more stoked for them as well.

We loved your new song "u do," the song features heavy electronic bass and smooth vocals. What was the creation process like in "u do" and what was it like collaborating with Keston Wright?

The creation process for “u do” was actually pretty unique! We’ve known Keston forever and he’s one of our good friends. He would come over and work on tracks with us every once in a while and we had these vocals sitting around for quite a bit on another Skyhaven track. We weren’t super excited about the instrumental of that first track so we decided to start over and build a whole song stemming from the vocals. The track did a complete 180, and it’s one of our favorite tracks off of the record! Keston is one of the most talented vocalists we’ve come across, So it’s always an absolute breeze working with him! We’re sure that we’ll be working with him more in the future.

Not only have you released a "u do" but also a music video! What an awesome video. What was the vision you had for your music video? Can you tell our readers a little about what the video symbolizes?

Absolutely! So when we were conceptualizing the concept for this video, we wanted to focus super heavily on the color schemes aligning with the album art. As well as the concept aligning with the topic of the song. The song, in a nutshell, is about being pulled back and back into a toxic relationship, whether it be with a person, a substance, or a situation. We wanted to create a metaphor for this in our video. From the taking of the pill, and everything being a gorgeous gold color, and warm soothing tones, to the bridge becoming darker and representing the toxicity of the situation, to the burnout or the comedown, being the last shot of the video. We think that the little details that ended up in the video make it super unique, it’s also pretty exciting because of the reason that this is the first music video we did by ourselves without an outside director!

Thank you for talking with us Skyhaven, were looking forward to hearing more from you this year. Do you have any news, releases, or tour dates you'd like to share with us and our readers?

Thank you so much for having us! We’re planning on releasing a full-length record to follow up this single in the spring. We couldn’t be more proud of the music we’ve made for this record, and to share it with all of you! As well as some super amazing features from some of our favorite vocalists. We can’t wait to show all of you.